Aqua Mix Cleaners

Stone and tile surfaces will need cleaning sooner or later. Even with the best sealer, time and the regular patter of feet, effects of water, or spilled food or drink will take their toll on the cleanliness of your floors and other surfaces. Not to worry, though – Aqua Mix cleaners are an excellent choice for cleaning your stone and tile surfaces and restoring them to a beautiful, clean glow. At Armstone, we offer a wide range of Aqua Mix cleaning products that are suited for any cleaning situation that you may come across.

If you need a general cleaner, then the Concentrated Stone and Tile Cleaner is a concentrated routine cleaner for everyday use. You can use it to clean your surfaces on a regular basis, to deny tough-to-remove dirt and stains the chance to build up and dig deep into your surfaces.

If it has gotten bad, though, the Aqua Mix Stone Deep Cleaner is a powerful heavy-duty cleaner and degreaser that is meant for the tough jobs. It’ll clean stone surfaces that have been neglected (it happens) or subject to heavy, greasy use (such as in the kitchen).

The same goes for the Heavy Duty Tile and Grout Cleaner. It’s a concentrated, high-alkaline cleaner and degreaser. Remove soap scum, grease, and other organic materials from heavy-use areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. It’s specially formulated to remove acrylic and synthetic floor finishes and waxes. This will allow you to go over the cleaned area with a new coat of whatever wax or finish you prefer, and it’ll be left looking as good as new.

But if the situation is not too bad, you can use the Aqua Mix Cleaner and Resealer, which will “top up” the tile or stone surface with a high-quality, penetrating sealer even as it cleans it. It has a safe pH-neutral formula and is great for routine cleaning of stone countertops.

Whatever your cleaning needs, we’ll be able to provide for them with our Aqua Mix cleaning products!

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Frequently Asked Question

What Are Aqua Mix Cleaners? 

Aqua Mix Cleaners are an Australian made and trusted range of stone, tile and granite cleaners. They are your must-have accessory for ensuring the longevity of your natural stone pavers and that your home is as clean as can be! At Armstone, we stock seven Aqua Mix Cleaners. For more information about how to use the Aqua Mix Cleaning range for your home, or how much you may need for a certain job, contact Armstone here today! 

How To Use Aqua Mix Cleaners? 

Choosing and using Aqua Mix Cleaners really depends on the type of natural stone you intend to clean. For example, if you want a deep clean, you would use a heavy duty tile and grout cleaner. As such, it’s important to choose a product that is right for your particular purpose. If you have any questions about which Aqua Mix Cleaner is best for your floor, talk to a team of experts by calling 1300 560 560. 

How Much Are Aqua Mix Cleaners? 

Pricing for the Aqua Mix Cleaners depends on the specific cleaner and the size of the packaging. To get a quote, or to find out how much you may need, contact Armstone here today! 

Where To Buy Aqua Mix Cleaners? 

Aqua Mix Cleaners are available at most natural stone suppliers. At Armstone, we stock an extensive range of Aqua Mix products. For more information on how to use them or how to choose a product that is right for you, contact our team of experts by calling 1300 560 560.

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