Grey Quartz Porcelain Pavers

  • Grey Quartz Porcelain Pavers

Product Information

  • Grey Quartz Porcelain Pavers are almost identical to the natural split face quartz stone paver. Predominately grey in colouring with slight copper tones interspersed throughout and available in various print types, these pavers look extremely natural and beautifully complement any decking in the surrounding area. These quartz-lookalike pavers have a high slip rating, which makes them ideal for installation around the pool. As they’re made from a highly compressed clay with no weak points of fracture points, Grey Quartz Porcelain Pavers have a high break load and they keep less heat than natural stone pavers. On top of this, they are maintenance free porcelain pavers. You need never worry about permanent stains or about sealing them which is makes them so good to use around salt water or chlorinated pools. Another reason that Grey Quartz Porcelain Pavers are a great paver for your outdoors is that they have an incredibly practical colour – those natural cool grey quartz tones – which don’t show dirt, making them easier to maintain and clean. These pavers are not porous and are structurally strong, meaning they can be laid on a sand base without any glue. All in all, Grey Quartz Porcelain Pavers are the best alternative to natural quartz stone pavers.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • High Slip Resistance (P5 or R11)
  • Does Not Require Sealing and Pre-Sealing
  • Easy to Maintain and Clean
  • Salt Resistant
  • Frost Resistant
  • Heat Resistant
  • Uniform in Size and Thickness
  • Mould and Moss Resistant
  • High Level of Chemical Resistance
  • High Weight Load Resistance
  • Can be Laid on Road Base, Sand, Grass, Pedestals and Slabs

Available Sizes


  • 600x600x20mm


  • 600x300x20mm – Contemporary Bullnose
  • 600x400x20mm – Contemporary Bullnose
  • 600x600x20mm – Contemporary Bullnose
  • 600x300x20mm – Pencil Edge
  • 600x400x20mm – Pencil Edge
  • 600x600x20mm – Pencil Edge
  • 600x300x20/80mm – Drop Edge
  • 600x400x20/80mm – Drop Edge
  • 600x600x20/80mm – Drop Edge

Or they can be cut to prefered width and prefered drop size

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