Australian Collection

Looking for a unique, high-quality range of eye-catching tiles to finish your new swimming pool? Browse our premium Australian Collection of glass pool tiles.

Crafted from the highest quality materials, these small, square tiles feature a delicate almost iridescent surface, which catches the light and adds a touch of refined shimmer to your pool. Available in a range of colours – from soft teal and deep purple to pearlescent white – you’re sure to find your perfect tile in our Australian Collection.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What style pool tiles should I use?

Choosing pool tiles largely depends on what you are looking for, the style of pool you have and also the colour that you’d like reflected on the water to match the rest of your backyard aesthetic. At Armstone we stock an extensive collection that will suit any pool or home. Our Australian collection is manufactured from the finest quality glass and materials and is available in a range of diverse, rich colours. For any help, or more information, please get in touch with our team online or over the phone at 1300 560 560.

What are the best blue pool tiles?

Glass tiles made by Spanish manufacturers, are the best blue pool tiles. Our “Australia” collection includes a vast variety of blue pool tiles ranging from the rich blue of the Narooma Spanish Glass Tiles, to the medium “Orpheus” blue tiles and the light blue “Hayman” tiles. These glass pool tiles are a stunning addition to any home pool.

Should I use Blue or Green pool tiles?

Choosing a pool tile colour depends entirely on your personal preference and your backyard aesthetic. Remember that the colour of the tiles will affect the reflection of the water. So if you want a really rich deep blue reflected in the pool,  the Narooma tiles are an ideal choice for you. Alternatively, if you want your pool to look like a beautiful green lagoon from the tropics, the soft green Lagoon Spanish pool tiles are a better choice.

Where To Buy Pool Tiles?

Pool tiles are available at many pool suppliers or natural stone suppliers. A word of caution though: make sure that you check the quality and place of manufacture prior to investing in them as many pool tiles are made of second-rate quality. At Armstone, we have searched the world to import the best quality glass pool tiles. For more information about our “Australia” Collection of premium quality pool tiles, reach us at 1300 560 560 or browse our range online.

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