Pedestal Paver System

Armstone’ is able to supply a cutting edge Pedestal System for your floor application. Professionally designed and built with sustainability in mind – these pedestals are favoured by builders, architects and design firms.

The beauty of the Pedestal system is conveyed in it’s ease of use, long term durability, accessibility, strength and design.

The Pedestal system can be used to efficiently and effectively support raised floors. The Pedestal system Features self levelling ability, anti-slip technology and is crafted from noise reduction materials. Not limited to these features, you will have seamless slope-correcting allowing for an even level floor finish.

Never before has there been an easier way to solve problems of water retention, dampness or cabling/piping. With the pedestal system you can easily makeup for any unevenness or gradients on your substrate allowing for a perfectly stable paving environment.

Our Pedestals are easily adjustable and allow for quick maintenance/care of supporting substrate  if required.

A key element for the inception of Armstone’ pedestal system has been the environment. The materials used to create the pedestal system are completely recyclable. There is no glue or adhesive required for the installation of the product and this has been an important factor in bringing this system to market.

Armstone’ prides it self on the ability to create a difference in the world around us, and this gives us a new approach to the more traditional ‘bricks and mortar”

For those conscience of the environment and looking at new ways to help our planet, this is a great solution.

Contact us Armstone to find out more about how the pedestal system can work for your home or commercial application.

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Armstone is located in the suburb of Glebe, Sydney and was established in the autumn of 2010 to help people create safe, timeless, outdoor spaces. Our boutique line includes stone and porcelain pavers, tiles, wall cladding, cobblestones, wall capping, pool tiles, pool coping, treads, stepping stones, garden pebbles, pedestals and more.

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