Fixed or Self-levelling Pedestals


Product Information

  • Create Fixed or Self-Levelled Paving Supports In an Instant
  • If you are unsure whether you want your raised floors to be fixed or self-levelled, we have the ideal solution for you: adjustable supports that use patented technology. Use this product to go between fixed or self-levelling heads for your raised floors in an instant while installing your floors! The Perfect Ring converter helps you assemble the product in a few seconds and allows for this adjustment flexibility. So if you prefer to create a fixed support, simply insert it between the head and the screw. Otherwise, if you prefer a self-levelling support where you need to adjust the slope of a surface up to 6%, there is no need to insert the ring. This makes for a quick and easy installation of raised floors whether they are for your terraces, pool sides, garden walkways or just general urban spaces.
  • Other accessories that will help you install aligned, even and safe raised floor supports are an adjustment key that allows for adjusting the height of the floors from the top. Also, use a complete system of stainless steel clips to create steps and vertical risers to install close to vertical walls. Browse these clips here.
  • As well as the aforementioned benefits, this fully integrated systems ensures that the waterproofing membrane for your raised floors is maintained and also substitutes the double stock of support.

Key Benefits and Features:

  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Solid support base with 340 cm2 for a better distribution and supporting weight of 1.5 tonnes of point pressure
  • Slope compensating to 6%
  • Height adjustment from the top
  • Adjustable supports with wide excursion of available heights, without the need to add an extension element
  • The solid and blunt base impedes the incision of the underlying membrane subject to loads
  • Noise-proof rubber integrated with the head
  • A system of draining holes and canalisations impedes the stagnation of water in every part of the support
  • All the support is made of recyclable plastic materials making it a sustainable solution

Available Sizes

  • PP – 25mm-37mm
  • PP – 37mm-61mm
  • PP – 60mm-105mm
  • PP – 94mm-169mm
  • PP – 150mm-280mm

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