Armstone’ stocks the latest technologies in Pedestal Systems for your residential or commercial application. An easy to use, economically conscious creation the pedestals we supply are built with the utmost care and usability in mind.

The pedestals system features many benefits ranging from
Durability, Accessibility, Strength and Design.

Arguably one of the best Pedestal Systems in the market our supplied pedestals can be used with pavers, tiles or even timber decking to create floors in any area – from roof tops to balconies, the possibilities are endless.

The sturdy construction of the system can be credited to its heavily tested compound as well as tested strength between all parts of the system.

We’ve taken into consideration all water drainage issues and allowed for a small gap between one slab and the other, allowing for water to rapidly discharge and to help facilitate rapid drainage. Along side our improved thermal insulation, air circulation is encouraged which helps extend the lifespan of the waterproofing. Overall this proves useful in reducing degradation, which can be caued by the sun, over time.

The Pedestal system at Armstone is completely recyclable, every last bit of it! We take what we do quite seriously, and make sure any offering to the community meets our expectations in quality and safety.

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We are proud to offer our customers the latest technology in the pedestal paver systems. You might ask, what are the benefits of a pedestal system like this, and why do I need polypads?

Commonly you will have pipes or other equipment run under your flooring, especially if the flooring is done in an outdoor space. Depending on the equipment, it might be necessary that you always have an ease of access to that equipment and that is exactly what a pedestal system is for. Polypads also offer additional support to paved flooring.

Our pedestals are suited for your residential or commercial application – from roof tops to balconies, the uses of our pedestals are endless. We have taken into consideration your drainage needs, and our pedestals will meet those needs. This product will allow for a small gap between one slab and another.

Additionally, the pedestal system we offer is completely recyclable because we care about the environment just as much as we care about our customer base.

We take customer satisfaction seriously and we make sure any product we are offering, including our pedestal systems, meet our expectations in quality and safety. When you buy from Armstone, you will know you are getting the best product on the market.