Mapei Kerabond Plus

  • Mapei Kerabond Plus

Product Information

Cement based powder with superior bond strength suitable for all types of tiles and natural stones. Can be used on interior and exterior floor and wall installations of every type of tile and natural stones onto rigid substrates.

Use with Isolastic 50


  • Kerabond Plus is a grey or white powder composed of cement, fine-graded sand, synthetic resins and special additives according to a formula developed in the MAPEI research laboratories.
  • Mixed with water, Kerabond Plus becomes an easily trowellable mortar with good bonding strength, low slump and a high initial grab allowing it to be applied vertically without any sagging or letting even heavy tiles slip.
  • Kerabond Plus hardens without noticeable shrinkage to become extremely resistant, adhering perfectly to all the conventional materials used for bonding.
  • Mixing Kerabond Plus with Isolastic 50 / Isolastic in place of water, the characteristics improve in order to meet the requirements of class S1 and S2 (deformable and highly deformable adhesive) respectively according to the European norm EN 12002.

NB: View TDS & MSDS in order to gain more details.

Available Sizes

  • 20kg bags


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