Polished Pebbles

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Polished garden pebbles can give your garden a unique decorative look. They can be used on their own or together with basic dark or light pebbles to create beautiful pathways, decorative areas, accentuate plants or water features, and more.

In case you prefer darker coloured-pebbles on your pathways and around stepping stones, for example, our Black Polished Garden Pebbles would do the trick nicely. They add character to any pathway in an instant. With their polished finish, they can also give your outdoor pool a luxurious, resort-style feel.

If you are looking for something with more colour variation, then our Mixed Polished Garden pebbles are an excellent choice. With polished river pebbles coming in many shades – from creamy yellows and amber to browns, reds, jades, blacks and more, these stones suit almost any area with their multicoloured, earthy tones. Excellent for covering larger areas around bushes or trees – they can be used in place of mulch if necessary.

Another excellent and beautiful choice is to use our Tiger Stripe Garden Pebbles. With black and gold tiger stripes throughout, these pebbles provide a striking and rich visual background to pathways, garden borders, and especially water features such as fountains and pools. A unique choice that gives more than a hint of natural luxury without being loud about it.

In addition to the types of pebbles listed above, there are also polished pebbles that come in red, jade, and yellow hues. They are all high-quality, hand-picked, well-cleaned, polished stones that are ready for use in your garden without a need for any extra processing.

Choose Armstone polished pebbles for your garden and landscaping needs, and you’ll immediately understand the value of these stones when you see them in their proper place on your property. Polished pebbles provide a texture and colour that no other materials can match. There is a reason why they are so popular among discerning homeowners and landscaping professionals alike!

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Here is a useful Pebble Calculator for your perusal: