Natural Somersby Pebbles For Garden

somersby sandstone pebbles

Product Information

  • Somersby Natural Garden Pebbles are a traditional Sydney sandstone, yellow-banded and rumbled garden pebble. These pebbles are typically used as a decorative element for outdoor areas – like your garden – or indoor areas – like around your bathroom. Somersby Natural Garden Pebbles are also perfect for filling gaps in pathways, as stand-alone garden features, replacements for mulch in ornamental pots and look striking whether they are wet or dry.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Natural Matt Finish
  • Premium Quality
  • Decorative
  • Hand-Picked
  • Very Well Cleaned
  • Pebbles Are Packed in UV Protected Clear Plastic Bags
  • Available in 15kg Bags

Standard Stock Sizes:

  • 20-60mm

somersby sandstone pebbles

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