Basalt Natural Garden Pebbles

Basalt Natural Pebbles

Product Information

  • Tumbled bluestone/basalt pebbles give an atmosphere of coolness and calm to your garden. These grey-blue garden pebbles work well as filler between stepping stones, as mulch and in ponds and water features. The variety of shapes add interest and texture to your garden and landscape. With its porous structure lets moisture penetrate these volcanic stones and percolate into the soil below hence why they are suitable for  succulent gardens.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Tumbled finish
  • Premium Quality
  • Decorative
  • Well Cleaned
  • Pebbles are Packed in UV Protected Clear Plastic Bags
  • Available in 20kg Bags

Stock Size:

  • 10-30mm
  • 30-60mm

Basalt Natural Pebbles

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