Natural Pebbles

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Natural pebbles are something that can highlight your front yard or garden in a classy and subtle way. Good, natural garden pebbles don’t jump out at you – they’re not like colourful flowers or fountain elements. Instead, they provide gardens with definition and direction. Depending on their colour, they can provide an excellent contrast to the main attractions – the plants – of your garden, or give it an interesting and understated texture. 

For example, take our Snow White Natural Pebbles. They are a rumbled quartz stone. They have a natural light sparkle that makes them all the more luxurious, excellent for lining pathways, in your water features such as fountains or pools, or on feature walls. They add a special touch to any garden. 

Our Charcoal Lava Garden Pebbles are from volcanic rock, with an egg-like appearance. They are understated – beautiful in their own way, but best at providing your garden with an interesting texture. The ash-coloured, speckled pebbles go very well with trees, bushes, and other plants, allowing you to see and imagine a rocky outcropping with beautiful plant growth on it.

Ivory Natural Stone Pebbles, on the other hand, provide an excellent contrast to garden plants. They don’t require topping up every year and have a high curbside appeal – very pleasing to look at. With their light cream tones, these limestone pebbles provide a gentle contrast to sandstone or travertine pavers. It is not a glaring contrast, but a transition that is pleasing to the eye. Excellent for pathways and the borders of your garden.

All of these natural garden pebbles provide you with excellent materials to give character to and shape your garden to your heart’s delight – and the delight of friends, family, and neighbours. At Armstone, we understand just how important the little details are, and strive to provide you with the best available materials for your home.

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