Regetta Cobblestones

  • Regetta Marble Cobblestones

Product Information

  • Regetta Cobblestones have a combination of cool blue-grey and light-grey, olive colouring throughout them making them a beautiful cobblestone for contemporary homes. Like most cobblestones, Regetta Cobblestones are dense and hard-wearing, thus ideal for heavy traffic areas like driveways and pathways. Regetta Cobblestones are also slip resistant so if you want to install them on steep inclines and areas that are prone to becoming wet from rain like general landscaping or poolscapes, they’re an excellent choice.
  • At Armstone, Regetta Cobblestones have a unique sawn and tumbled finish and are available as individual pieces sized 200x50x30mm. The beauty of loose pieces is that they allow for diversity in design, for example you can lay them out in a herringbone or brick bond pattern – both eye-catching options. Otherwise you can create a more random off-set look by staggering the starting point of each row. This way the change in the colour combinations add a unique appeal to your space. One final advantage of Regetta Cobblestones being available as loose pieces is that you can use them for bordering or sectioning off areas.

Available Sizes

  • 200x50x30mm

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