Bonza Quartz Cobblestones

  • Bonza Quartz Cobblestones

Product Information

  • Bonza Quartz Cobblestones have become a highly recognised and loved product amongst designers, landscapers and home owners alike. It’s easy to see why! With a dense composition and a naturally timeless look of varying light to blue grey and olive colour tones, Bonza Quartz Cobblestone is a beautiful choice of paver for your home or garden. Available in a brick pattern with a natural split surface combined with split edges, your pavement will stand the test of time without looking aged in the slightest. Like most of our cobblestones in our range, Bonza Quartz is supplied with a mesh backing, making it easy and cost-effective to install.
  • For more information on how to best use our Bonza Quartz Cobblestones in your home, contact our team of experts here.

Available Sizes

Mesh size: 600×400

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