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You already know you cannot hang a picture without a hammer, so we don’t have to tell you that you cannot complete a project properly without the right accessories. Tile and flooring accessories are what allow you to complete the job with ease and to perfection.

At Armstone, we understand that tile accessories really do make all the difference. From a great adhesive to a fantastic sealant, and everything in between – no project is complete without the proper accessories.

We are proud to provide our customers with reliable adhesives, additives, grouts, grout boosters, silicones and waterproofing agents. The right tile and flooring accessories will make completing your project that much easier. Whether you are installing our new porcelain indoor tiles, stone tiles or something else, we have the perfect accessory to accompany your new home improvement investment.

Speaking of accessories, if you need sealant, we have it too! Before you even get started looking for accessories, contact our Armstone team today and let us help you make a list of everything you will need.