Natural Stone Or Concrete Pavers: Which Option Is Better For Your Home?

Published by Armstone, 31 March, 2021

Whether you’re planning to build a new patio and BBQ area or you’re thinking of paving your whole backyard, you’ll need to decide what type of pavers to use for your project. Will concrete pavers be the best option or are natural stone pavers a better idea?

At Armstone, we are dedicated to finding the best-quality natural stone products from around the world for our customers to use inside and outside their homes. With this in mind, you might expect us to dismiss concrete completely. However, we’re also dedicated to providing you with the best service and objective advice at all times so we’re going to take a balanced look at natural stone pavers vs. concrete pavers in this article and give you our honest opinion about which type is best for exterior home improvement projects.

Choosing between different styles of pavers for patio projects

Natural stone pavers are generally considered to be more attractive, more durable and easier to maintain than their concrete cousins but there is one respect in which they are often a more appealing choice: cost. In many comparisons, concrete pavers are the more economical option. Now, if you’re planning a small patio area in your backyard, where you can relax and enjoy al fresco dining in fine weather, you’re not going to need a huge quantity of pavers; for such a project, aesthetic appeal will be more important than the price per paver. You should also consider the fact that certain types of natural stone pavers are in fact cheaper than concrete. Raven granite pavers and some types of bluestone pavers are two examples you may like to consider.

In summary, as a backyard patio project will normally involve a relatively small quantity of pavers, we recommend natural stone for its longevity, ease of maintenance and superior aesthetics. The best natural stone for patios will depend on your style preferences and budget: don’t hesitate to call or email us if you need any help making up your mind.

The best type of pavers for driveways

For larger driveways that are used on a daily basis, concrete pavers can be a very cost effective option, especially as it is relatively easy and economical to repair damaged concrete over time. If, however, you want to add kerb appeal to your home, we’d recommend taking a look at some of the lower cost natural stone pavers we have available. Porcelain, granite and bluestone are all excellent choices that will not stretch your budget too far.

Natural stone pavers vs. concrete pavers: our conclusion

Unless you are planning to pave a very large area and you’re happy to use the lowest-quality concrete pavers that you can find, cost will not be a huge consideration. For patios, driveways, pathways, pool surrounds and other residential paving projects, we genuinely feel that natural stone pavers are the best choice. They look better, they are almost always more durable and they will retain their natural beauty for decades, even centuries, to come.

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