Things To Know When Using Limestone Pavers

Published by Armstone, 2 August, 2019

What are Limestone Pavers made of?

It is well known that limestone is a sedimentary stone that is primarily calcite based. Its formation naturally takes place. There is nothing as unique as limestone. If you are searching for an exclusive option in terms of paving your outdoor fixtures, then it is a good choice to go with Limestone pavers.

The most desirable natural stone for outdoor use in Australia is Limestone pavers. In comparison to other natural stones like Travertine or Sandstone. Travertine has been used a lot and the character and the holes make it quite busy to look at whereas Sandstone is still a desirable paver, however, unfortunately, sandstone is a very pours natural stone. Sandstone pavers easily attract mould and discolour over a short period – which is tough to digest after the significant investment you will make into creating your unique space.


*Limetta Limestone Pavers

Do Limestone Pavers stain easily?

We have many customers visit our showroom and a common trend is that most people have mixed information about limestone pavers. Many think Limestone pavers are cheap, very porous and stain very easily. Whilst others have been told that Limestone pavers are very durable and that they are suitable to use on driveways.

The porosity, durability, suitability and cost: all of these can be different with each supplier.

A fine Limestone paver is not as durable as Bluestone pavers or Granite pavers but Limestone pavers are much denser than your average Travertine pavers or Sandstone pavers. High-quality limestone pavers have great strength and are salt and slip tested to make sure they are suitable for around saltwater pools but are not recommended to use on vehicle traffic, like driveways.


Melba Limestone Pavers

How much are Limestone Pavers?

Quality Limestone pavers add value to your home even though they are supplied at a higher cost, however, it is smart to look at this as an investment rather than a cost it’s worth it’s every dollar.

The cost for Limestone pavers can vary from $65m2 up to $230m2.
Some limestones are of high value, not because of the durability but because some types of limestone have the most beautiful fossils and shells in the world.


Limestone Pavers Melba* Melba Limestone Pavers

What makes some Limestone Pavers superior over another?

It’s several things, including maintaining high density across the batch, selecting process of the colour and the cut (the way it’s cut before being sold a paver).

In saying this there are limestone pavers on the market that are so very porous that even the 30mm thick pavers are required to be dip-sealed to help make it less porous or you may need to seal 6 sides.

There are such low-quality limestone pavers available on the market that you absolutely cannot use them around your swimming pool. Soft stones like this can easily crumble especially if your pool is saltwater.


Limestone Pavers Oyster* Oyster Limestone Pavers – Installed by Just Clip It

Limestone Pavers around the Pool?

However if it the type of Limestone is carefully selected and adequately tested, Limestone pavers can have up to double strength and durability in comparison to its sister paver, Travertine. Your Limestone pavers must be salt tested before actually using them as pool coping pavers.

Limestones pavers have softer colour variations than most natural stone, less veining and have that chalky feel about them. Each piece of Limestone represents a story behind it and has that beautiful aged look.

Limestone pavers are used in numerous places like pool houses, around pools, walkways, patios, courtyards and anywhere else your imagination may stretch.


Limestone Pavers Limetta

Limestone pavers in French Pattern:

Tumbled Limestone pavers in French pattern are one of the most desirable patterns trending in 2019. If you don’t know what French pattern is, it contains four different sizes that form a pattern that repeats itself. The sizes that make up the pattern include 600×400, 400×400, 400×200, 200×200.

See image below:


French Pattern Diagram

Do Limestone Pavers get Hot?

One of the advantages that Limestone pavers have in comparison with Granite or Bluestone is the calcite element that prevents the calcite family natural stone from absorbing heat and allows them to reflect heat. This makes Limestone one of the most suitable natural stones to use as poolside pavers.


Limestone poolside Pavers* Melba Limestone Pavers

Another important fact you need to consider and ensure before purchasing Limestone for around the pool is to make sure they are slip-resistant.

Always ask your supplier to send you a slip rating test to make sure!
Ask them to send you the slip certificate and check for slip rating to be P4 or above.

In terms of design trends with Limestone pool coping, bullnose coping pieces are used more in traditional homes or curvy pools and square edge or drop edge limestone coping is more often used for modern contemporary homes.

Do you need to seal Limestone Pavers?

As always sealing is recommended and required for any natural stone products and yes, Limestone pavers are one of them.

The recommended sealers to use are Aqua Mix – Sealers Choice Gold for that natural look that doesn’t change the appearance of the stone.

Aqua Mix - Sealers Choice Gold

Aqua Mix® Sealer’s Choice® Gold – Rapid Cure contains MicroBan®, which is the world leader in antimicrobial chemistry.

This is to penetrate through denser stone where pores are smaller. The product by Aqua Mix has a Low VOC – Low Volatile organic compound which means less Carbon. To be precise, there are 46 grams of Carbon per little which causes the lowest carbon pollution in the country.

Aqua Mix Sealers and Cleaners has been used globally for over 20 years on limestone pavers in all different environments and it has a very long-wearing off time in comparison to most other sealers.


It’s important to always the do the relevant research before buying any natural stone, as mentioned earlier quality can vary from supplier to supplier and adequate testing needs to take place to ensure your Limestone paver is appropriate to use in the area you are looking to dress. If you pick the right Limestone paver, you can add a wealth of beauty and class to your home, as well as functionality and longevity for your space.

Paving your home and surrounds is a significant investment and one that should stand the test of time.

It’s really easy to be led astray when very few suppliers know the product they are selling. If you’d like to know more or chat about a product your researching you are always welcome to get in touch and give us a call.

We love this stuff.

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