How & Where to use Crazy Paving?

Published by Armstone, 12 October, 2019

Let’s take a look at what crazy paving is, the types of homes we find it suits best – in what way can we best lay them and the processes in which sealing and grouting should be done. 

What is crazy paving?

Crazy Paving stone is a crazy-look surface flooring that has irregular shapes of stones which consists of small, medium and large-sized pieces that come together to create paving solutions. Crazy Paving can also be known as flagstones or flagging stones. 

Usually flagging refers to stones that have a natural split finish on the top as well as the bottom, which can have inconsistent thickness variations.

The most popular Flagstone pavers are Sydney Sandstone which can be sourced in Crazy random shapes or more random squared/rectangular shapes.

 Crazy paving stones are also available in many other materials, including – Bluestone crazy paving, Quartz crazy paving, Sandstone crazy paving, Slate crazy paving and Porphyry crazy paving.  

 With its multi-purpose use, Crazy paving can be used for driveways, patios, courtyards, around firepits and in many more spaces.

Sandstone crazy pavers

What style home does crazy paving suit?

Crazy paving and it’s unique “randomness” works naturally in retro-inspired homes and sets off a pleasant retro feel. 

A versatile material, it also works quite well in modern settings, allowing you to create a beautiful terrace or entertaining areas. 

Its ease of use and application can help create a seamless and organic space that will complete contemporary or mid-century designs.

Many homeowners and designers alike strategically use Crazy paving with dichondra plants as accessories, this has been an awesome combination in the modern landscaping industry and helps create a truly beautiful balance.

How to Lay Crazy Paving ?

When you are working with 20

When you source crazy paving stones that is 20mm thick or less and you planing to lay on foot traffic then you need to use a flexible glue to adhere it on to a concrete slab. If you dont have a slab you would need compacted road base + sand cement screed then you glue them on.

It is always different glues you would need to use if you have a vehicle traffic like driveways or carports.

It is recommended to lay at least 3 square metres on the floor to understand and have a visual of what shapes you are going to be working with, then you would need to plan and mix the shapes and colours of the natural stone to make them as “crazy” as possible. 

There are only two major rules you should follow. 

Rule number one: 

Do your best to get the gaps in between the pavers consistent. 

For example, if you decided on keeping a 20mm gap in between do your best to not exceed 25mm and allow gaps to be less than 15mm. 

Another approach you can take with crazy paving Is to make the gaps much wider, up to 80mm thick – in which case your gaps would have a minimum of 70mm and a maximum of 90mm. 

Rule number two: 

Do not allow the paving pieces to consistently line up with each other, the goal is to keep the feel organic and unstructured. The pavers should not come together to create any straight lines, they should be laid in a free-form manner.

Quarz crazy paving

How to Seal Crazy Paving?

Any crazy paving pavers that have split finishes need to be pre-sealed, prior to the grouting process – we recommend pre-sealing your crazy paving with Aqua Mix – Pro Block

 The reason why we recommend this is because the pre-sealer will help you to clean off easily any grout haze or leftover grout from the surface, allowing you to finish off the job as clean as possible whilst not hindering your ability to work properly through the installation and finishing process. 

 Once you have grouted the crazy paving the next step you need to take is to apply a top sealer to help protect the stone, create an easier surface to maintain as well as increase the longevity of the stone. 

 Armstone recommends using Aqua Mix – Sealers Choice Gold, a water-based penetrating sealer that also contains micro-band formula and a low VOC rating. 

 It is recommended to re-seal outdoor, exposed areas every 8 years with our recommended sealer.

What is the recommended Grout for Crazy paving?

 Armstone recommends using Ardex WJ50 grout for crazy paving, a simple sanded and cement-based grout. 

 Ardex WJ50 is ideal to use in joints with widths ranging from 2mm to 50mm wide without the possible issue of shrinking.

 It is recommended to combine the Ardex WJ50 grout with Ardex Grout booster.

Ardex Grout booster is a water-based, synthetic polymer grout additive which has been created for use with cement-based grouts. Improved in adhesion strength, flexibility and resistance. 

 Available in a range of colours to choose from, some other added benefits are improved colour consistency and excellent workability. 





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