Why you Should use Stone Pavers for your Patio

When it comes to entertaining, it’s hard to go past a patio – it’s the perfect place to sit around with friends and family, enjoying the afternoon air and some refreshments. Depending on the size of your patio you might opt for a simple outdoor setting and small barbecue, or full outdoor dining and cooking, the decision is all yours! No matter what you end up choosing, it’s highly likely your patio is going to succumb to a fair bit of wear and tear over the years, so you need to be sure the foundations of your entertaining space are going to hold up. This is where stone pavers really come into a class of their own, providing you with a picture-perfect patio tile that is elegant, versatile and built to last.

When it comes to picking a flooring option for a patio, you have to consider what the patio is likely going to be used for. Generally, it may involve a lot of eating and drinking and with that comes spillage. It’s also outdoor, potentially near or surrounding a pool so it may get wet with rainwater and chlorinated water and finally it may spend multiple hours a day in the harsh Australian sunlight, so we need to be sure the flooring option we choose is durable! On top of all that, we actually have to clean it and ensure it’s safe for children. So, to help you make this decision a little bit less stressful, we’ve broken these categories down and we’ll look to bring you the foremost information on why stone pavers are your best bet.

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Entertaining: When it comes to choosing the perfect flooring option for your entertaining space, you need to be sure it’s ticking all of the boxes – it should be easy to clean, safe and easy to instal, but it’s an entertaining space! So, it needs to look fantastic too – right? This is where stone pavers really shine through, providing you with a really subtle, stunning and rustic finish that acts as a bit of a blank canvas so the decorating can be yours and yours alone. With a wide range of colours, styles and textures, Armstone is your number 1 place for stone pavers, especially for your patio!

Durability: When it comes to durability, it’s hard to beat stone pavers for your patio. Built to last, hard to stain and almost getting better with age, stone pavers can hold up to any wear and tear you throw at them! Something to consider here though – if you’re going to have you stone paver patio next to our pool or being impacted by rain, you may need to look at a sealer to stop the stone from being damaged. We can help you here, so get in touch to be sure you’re doing what’s best!

Safety: From a safety perspective the benefit of using stone pavers, especially a rough stone paver, is its ability to provide a quite textured and grippy surface even when wet. In the instance of a patio that may be around a pool, this greatly reduced the risk of slipping for both adults and children. Naturally children love running and jumping into pools, so you don’t want a surface that is going to endanger them like a slick bathroom tile. On-top of this, due to the stone paver being (you guessed it) stone – it will actually absorb some of the water that it comes into contact with, rather than pooling it up on top of the surface.

Cleaning: Stone pavers don’t just look great, they’re also a breeze to keep looking great! While there are a range of cleaning products from brands like Aqua Mix and others, a simple solution of warm water and soap is generally the best way to keep your patio stone pavers clean and looking amazing.

For any and all information about stone pavers, patios or a wide range of tiling and flooring options outside of your home, get in touch with Armstone today!

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