How to Use Garden Pebbles for Creative DIY Projects

Are you working on a budget, but also want to spruce up your front or backyard?

We have the perfect solution for you!

Introducing contemporary, stylish, and eco-friendly, repurposed landscaping pebbles for your project!

Pebbles are a simple and effective way for creating a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor spaces and over the last two decades, Australian homeowners have taken to using river pebbles as an alternative to garden mulch. They’re an ideal alternative because they don’t need topping up and provide a fantastic contrast to garden plants. Additionally, their versatile nature allows for many creative outlets and uses.

In today’s article we share some budget friendly DIY projects you can easily create in your own home with repurposed garden pebbles.


Let’s begin!

Garden Paths

If you want to add texture to your garden and transform your pathway into a work of art, pebbles are excellent for this. Whether you want to create a simple design – like use pebbles as fillers around the gaps of your stone pavers – or you want to decorate a boring concrete path with a more complicated design like the one pictured below – garden pebbles are a versatile and affordable material for either option.

Garden Paths

This mosaic pebble path is inspired by DigDigs

You can also break up your path with a focal point in the centre. In the image below, the crazy paving path is decorated with a spiral made from green pebbles.

Stepping Stones

Transform your plain stepping stones into textured mosaic steps like the ones in the photo below.

stepping stones

Mixed Polished Garden Pebbles are used to create these stepping stone as seen at Homedit

Mosaic Features

Do you have a bland piece of land in your garden that is neither here nor there and needs some desperate tender love and care? If you love mosaics and have a some spare time on your hands, you can create some sensational mandalas and mosaics using garden pebbles (like the one pictured below). The mosaic will add a beautiful feature to your garden, while simultaneously providing a space where people can sit when outdoors.

Mosaic Features

This mosaic from Houzz features white and black garden pebbles

Retaining Walls

Bring your flat retaining wall to life by adding 3D texture to it with garden pebbles, like in the image below.

Smaller Projects

If you’re looking for a smaller project, we have you covered too.

For example, you could fill your table-runner with an in-built succulent garden. Replace the mulch with pebbles and voila – you have a beautiful table feature! The pebbles will help the succulents retain the water so you don’t need to water the garden as often and it’ll make a charming and natural little focal feature for your garden and guests to enjoy.


Sino Black Natural Garden Pebbles provide a beautiful contrast to the green succulents featured on Homedit

Or you could up-cycle and revive your old, bland pots with a rough and rugged pebble look. Whether you want to create a speckled pot or cover the entire thing with pebbles, set your imagination free and get creative.

Rugged pebble look

As seen on Homedit, these pebbles give the old pots a textured appeal

When we said that pebbles are versatile, we meant it! You see, you don’t even need a garden to WOW! your guests with a pebble project. For example, if you live in a unit or apartment, you can use pebbles to add a bit of earthiness to your home by creating something as simple as this textured pebble door mat! It looks natural and beautiful and massages your feet as you enter the house.


Earthy and simple, this pebbled floor mat as seen at Homedit, is a textured addition to your home

Now, while clean pebbles give a natural touch to modern decor, you don’t want to bring everything from the outside – like rain, mud and sand – in. This is where this chic pebble boot tray comes in handy! Simply get a shallow tray, fill it with natural coloured stone pebbles and voila! You have a simple and effective storage area for all the shoes that may have outdoor residue on them. Additionally, this idea will help you keep your house clean! Talk about win-win-win, right?!


This chic pebble boot tray idea is courtesy to Homedit

Another fun activity you can get your entire family (kids included) involved in is painting pebbles! It’s simple and fun and painted pebbles make cute paperweights, tablecloth weights, and fridge magnets. You can even use them to create games and other fun activities like noughts and crosses, or even animal art – like caterpillars.


Cute pebble paper weight idea from Makoodle

If you want to bring a natural touch from your garden into your home, you could create a splash-back made from natural pebbles. While this idea isn’t as simple as the previous ones, it definitely adds a textured touch to your kitchen or laundry.


Kitchen pebble splash-back idea, as seen on Homedit

Another way you can bring a touch of nature into your home, is with pebble placemats! Textured and non-slip, they really help to add a unique and natural touch to a modern home.


Small golden pebbles create this natural placemat as seen on Homedit

And if you want a very simple and effective way of incorporating pebbles into your home aesthetic, simply add a handful of pebbles to a bowl and place it in the bathroom, coffee table or window sill. Alternatively, you could create stylish centrepieces like the one pictured below featuring candles, driftwood, flowers, pine cones and whatever else you desire.


A relaxing and style centrepiece with pebbles placed throughout, as seen on DIYEnthusiasts

Finally, whether indoors or out, you can use pebbles and water fountains to create a zen garden. These add a relaxing and aesthetically pleasing feature and space to your home or garden. Read this article for more ideas.

And there you have it!

Whether you are in a creative mood or want to create something simple, these pebble ideas will add a natural and textured vibe inside or outside your home.

If you need any help with determining the exact quantity of garden pebbles required for your project, reach out to our natural stone experts at Armstone online or at 1300 560 560. We have created a unique calculator to help you determine the amount of pebbles required and would love to help you bring your project to life.

Additionally, if you need help with any other natural pavers for your home or garden, we stock the world’s highest quality marble, limestone, travertine, bluestone and sandstone pavers along with porcelain tiles. If you’d like to see these in person, visit our showroom in Glebe, Sydney. We would love to meet you and help you.

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