Top Creative Ways to Transform Your House with Natural Stones

Though current trends suggest otherwise, our homes do not always have to be conventional, modern, and sleek.

Sometimes adding rustic features to our indoor and outdoor spaces can diversify the appearance of our home and add a unique touch to an otherwise clinical looking, space.

And what better way to transform your home than with natural stone? This majestic material has been used to build and decorate homes, palaces and other architectural buildings for thousands of years, and it continues to be a favourite interior decorating material for homeowners, builders and designers alike.

In today’s article we share a few creative ways you can utilise natural stone inside and outside your home to give a natural and raw touch in amongst the modern and sleek finish.

Feature Wall

Instead of painting over your feature wall with a new colour, why not spruce it up with a stone cladding masterpiece? Simple to install and cost-effective, stacked stone cladding adds a textured and earthy touch to your modern aesthetic. Whether you add the feature wall in your living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or patio area, it’ll instantly transform the space!

benjamin stacked stoneThis Benjamin Stacked Stone veneer featuring creams, ochres and olive colours throughout, is ideal for a modern home.

Shower Walls

As a space where we go to cleanse our body and spirit, a well designed bathroom can help induce calmness. Although most bathrooms install tiles as they are an easier choice, natural stone pavers or even porcelain pavers are an excellent way to modernise your space and transform it into a pleasant oasis. While natural stone pavers require a higher initial outlay and need to be carefully chosen for slippage and water resistance for bathroom areas, they truly give an air of elegance and majesty to your bathroom. Additionally, if you enjoy a massage underfoot, natural stone pavers in your shower will feel earthy on your feet.

silver bianco limestoneAdd a royal touch to your bathroom with natural stone pavers like the one’s pictured above.

Pebble River Rock Mats

If you love the smooth pebble feeling under your toes while you shower, why not extend this feature into other areas of the bathroom? Pebbles give a textured and earthy appeal when installed near bathroom sinks or bathtubs, and can essentially remove the need to ever have to buy bath mats, ever again. If you install pebbles near the bathtub, make sure you have drainage incorporated under the stones for adequate water removal.

garden pebblesIvory Natural Garden Pebbles beautifully blend with this modern and chic ivory bathtub.

Bathroom Bench-top

While we’re still in the bathroom, add a majestic touch to your bench-tops by installing natural stone ones instead of conventional designs. Match these with your floors or mat designs to create a continual flow within the room’s aesthetic.

Pietra Grey MarbleMarble stones, with their unique veining, add a majestic touch to your bathroom bench-tops.

Kitchen Splash-backs

If you aren’t keen on renovating the entire kitchen with natural stone, simply incorporate it through-out by installing a stone splash-back. Stone splash-backs are just as easy to install as kitchen tiles and additionally, natural stone pavers are easy to clean! Simply wipe down the surface of the stone and voila! The surface is clean.

stone splash backThese white natural stone pavers create a beautiful natural splash-back in this modern kitchen.

Outdoor Steps

Outdoor steps typically get a lot of foot traffic, not to mention wear and tear from environmental factors like sun, wind and rain. As such, investing in a hard-wearing and durable material is ideal. Enter: natural stone step treads! Depending on the style and choice of stone, you can easily match them with your current landscaping. You could also colour coordinate them to match the home and other outdoor features.

Siri Step TreadsNatural Stone Step Treads are durable and beautiful for your high traffic outdoor areas.

Water Features

If you want to attract wildlife and create a soothing, relaxing and zen area in your garden, installing a water feature is ideal for you. Whether you install a waterfall or a fountain, natural stone works well with water features because it’s easy to install and works well with running water. A word of caution: avoid using sandstone pavers with water. Sandstone is porous and we have seen many pool-scapes and other water features go awry because customer’s were not advised that sandstone and water are not a great mix.

Outdoor Water FeatureThis relaxing three-tier water feature makes an ideal focal point and zen destination in this garden.


Provided you have the creativity and imagination to help, using natural stone pavers to landscape around your house is relatively easy, and if you don’t, that’s alright too. Reach out to us and we can help connect you with brilliant landscapers and outdoor designers who have years of experience with this work. In the meantime, here is an idea: you can utilise these Bluestone stepping stones around your swimming pool or pond, or as a pathway leading to a secret garden. You can either fill the gaps between the pavers with natural stone pebbles, or you can let the grass grow around them. This will increase functionality and give the appearance of a grass lawn.

Avatar Steppers 1
These Bluestone Stepping Stones were installed by Bondi Landscapes

Garden Ornaments

Finally, your backyard can feature items that have absolutely zero functionality and one-hundred percent beauty and art.  Stone art and decorations give your backyard excellent focal points and add value and aesthetic to your home.

And there you have it!

A few simple (and a few more involved) ways you can enrich your home with natural stone pavers.

If you have any questions on which stone would suit your interior or exterior aesthetic, or a slip or non-slip surface, chat with our natural stone experts at Armstone online or 1300 560 560. We stock the world’s highest quality stone pavers including bluestone, limestone, marble, travertine, and much more. We have helped thousands of Australian’s bring their idea to life and we would love to help you too because this is what we love to do.

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