The Benefits of Timber-Look Tiles Over Wood

Homes with wooden decors are quite popular.

And with due reason!

People love wooden floors because they exude a warmth and connection with nature that helps one feel grounded and cosy.

In saying that, wood doesn’t necessarily suit every home and unlike standard porcelain and ceramic tiles, it is not ideal for every room or purpose.

In fact, there are several major problems that arise from using wood. One of the main issues is that it needs constant maintenance and can drastically deteriorate over time and use.

If you love the look and charm of wooden floors but want to forego the fuss of maintaining them, we recommend considering investing in reliable wood substitutes. They are relatively sturdy, durable and easy to install with a wide assortment of colours and designs to choose from for any aesthetic appeal.

In our article below, we’re going to review why using real timber tiles (even though they are a popular choice amongst homeowners) can become troublesome and compare this to the benefits of timber look floor tiles.

Problems That Come With Using Real Timber

Timber has a beautiful quality in that it is extremely versatile and you can use it as flooring for most parts of the house. Timber is a perfect addition to hallways, living rooms, and bedrooms. You can even also use it outdoors on verandahs and patios. In saying that, when used outdoors, we recommend to shelter timber surfaces as over time, water can have a damaging effect not only on its aesthetic but also its composition. As such, it is best to avoid using timber in areas that are prone to moisture and humidity such as bathrooms, laundries and poolscapes. Also, unlike most tiled surfaces, timber floors stain a lot easier especially if you spill oil or paint on them. In order to protect the timber, we suggest sealing the floors with a special coating that gives it a quality glossy finish.

Apart from maintenance hurdles, the other issue with installing timber is cost. As its a natural product, timber is expensive. Timber is also available in multiple grades and the higher the grade, the better the durability and tone and subsequently, the higher the cost. If you intend to invest in timber, we recommend choosing a higher grade. We should also add that the cost of installing timber flooring can make it a pipe-dream for most people designing their perfect home: so definitely add this to your list of things to think about before setting your heart on timber floors.

The last point to consider is that timber floors require ongoing maintenance to keep them looking pristine. This includes applying waterproof varnishes, regular sealant and proper cleaning. If you lead a busy lifestyle or are building your home on a budget, it’s easy to see how timber floors can easily become an impractical option.

So, what do you do if you love a wooden finish, but you’re working on a budget and designing a home for a busy lifestyle or family (where spillages and mess are a guarantee)?

You’ll be happy to know there is an alternative.

This alternative is called…

‘Timber-look tiles’, so let’s check out the…

Benefits of Timber Look Tiles

Though timber-look tiles might not be the real thing, it takes an incredibly discerning eye to be able to see the difference. As technology improves, the quality and grain of the surface of timber-look tiles looks as close to real timber as possible. Timber-look or porcelain wood-look tiles are now widely available in a range of highly realistic patterns and they look fantastic! Some of them are copied so correctly that they even mimic natural imperfections found in real wood so that when you’re standing on the floors, you wouldn’t realise that you’re standing on porcelain and not timber. Additional contrasts and detailing such as veining, knots and shade make them look even closer to the real thing.

So what are the advantages of timber-look tiles over natural timber flooring?

First of all porcelain faux timber tiles are stronger and scratch resistant. Because of this, you can use them to tile any part of the house whether it is indoors or outdoors. Next, they are much easier to maintain and do not require to be sealed or varnished/polished on a regular basis to protect the floor. As such, basic spills and stains can easily be wiped off without running the risk of doing considerable damage to your precious floor. This also significantly reduces the cost and time required to maintain your floors.

Seraya Timber Tiles

Seraya Timber Tiles

As porcelain faux wood tiles are not prone to decay or rot in the presence of water, they can be used in bathrooms or around pools. Due to their composition, they do not require ongoing maintenance and – unlike timber floors – will also stand the test of time.

Faux wood look porcelain tiles are also never going to change colour or fade with time or exposure to the sun. As such, they are a more versatile option when it comes to blending your indoor and outdoor floor design and aesthetic.

Finally, an advantage that deserves more recognition than it receives is that timber-look tiles are a much more sustainable option for the environment than their timber counterparts. Far less trees are cut and less forests are cleared to produce timber-look or porcelain timber tiles.

As we have outlined, while timber floors are revered, they have a few disadvantages.

On the other hand, timber and porcelain look tiles have many advantages.

As with all purchases, we recommend reviewing your personal situation, including your budget, before making a choice either way.

And in case you need some help with this, please reach out to our tiling experts at Armstone online or at 1300 560 560.

We love all things flooring, tiling and paving and have over 10 years experience helping Sydney homeowners bring their dreams to life.

And we would love to help you too.

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