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When you’re designing your outdoor landscape, there are two great options for solid, beautiful and functional paving – these are, Natural Stone pavers and Structural Porcelain pavers.

In this article we are going to look at firstly Structural Porcelain Pavers – the advantages and limitations, then we will look at Stone Pavers and do the same.

Most people have some kind of knowledge about Natural stone pavers however Structural Porcelain Pavers are a newer addition to the market.

I’m sure you’ve heard about ordinary porcelain tiles and may possibly be using that knowledge to form an opinion as we speak about the performance of Porcelain Pavers.

Chilla Marble pavers* Chilla Marble Pavers

What are Porcelain Pavers made of?

Porcelain Pavers are Structurally compressed clay that is compressed so much that they don’t have any weak fracture points which make very strong paver that has a high break load.
Armstone® ‘s Porcelain has that Natural Stone print on it that is embossed and doesn’t wear off. They come in a wide array of colours, textures and patterns to ensure your outdoors is looking as close to natural stone as humanly possible.

IVORY PORCLEAIN* Ivory Travertine-look Porcelain Pavers

Stone Pavers VS Porcelain Pavers

Structural porcelain pavers are actually a world apart from outdoor porcelain tiles. They are a strong, efficient and practical outdoor paving solution – designed to stand against all types of natural problems or human errors!
There are various makes and models for structural porcelain, as there are with anything that’s man-made – so it’s imperative to look out for a quality product when you decide to go down this route. Speak to us to get more technical information about our Porcelain tiles for swimming pools.

Sandstone Porcelain Pool Coping* Sandstone-look Porcelain Pavers

So there are a few important personal factors to consider when choosing outdoor flooring.
• – What kind of lifestyle do you lead? Busy?
• – What are your surrounds? (Is there trees, pets, children, BBQ’s, parties?)
• – Will the area be undercover or open?
• – Will it be used for around pool?

Whilst natural stone pavers are a beautiful and timeless choice, there are conditions that go hand in hand with such natural beauty.

Do I need to Maintain my Natural Stone Pavers?

Maintenance – arguably every human beings nightmare! (Unless you are one of the lucky few retired or semi-retired individuals living life in your beautiful garden)

Depending on your surrounds, natural stone pavers – even the densest and durable stone-like Granite can be challenging to keep them stain free. Natural stone can be painful to look after if you have trees or pets or maybe some over-active kids?

Tree’s tend to drop leaves almost all year round, these leaves have “tannin” in them. When leaves start to progressively decompose, they release “tannin”. Tannin is a substance present in some galls, barks, plant tissues of derivatives of Gallic Acid which can stain the natural stone.

Merino Marble Pavers* Merino Marble Pavers

Will the stone Sealer make it Stain Proof?

You might think if you sealed your stone pavers with sealant this will give you the full protection against stains but Acids substance like “tannin” will go through the sealant and will try its best to get into the pores of the stone. Of course, the less porous is the stone, less chance of this to happen and the sealant protects to a degree It reduces the degree of water absorption increasing the reaction time to clean and remove these contaminants before a stain can occur.

The Stone sealer provides a stain resistance barrier, that allows time to wipe up any spills. This is explained extensively in our literature as reaction time.

At the end of the day, if you’ve used an A grade product and sealed your stone with good quality expensive sealant, those things will help but Acid doesn’t discriminate, it will go through the sealant and will try its best to stain.

This means you have to be on top of it all the time. Depending on the type of stone you have installed and how long the acidic culprit has been sitting on the stone. The situation can go from challenging to clean too impossible to clean.

Unfortunately, it’s not just leaves in this category – pet pee, bat poo, wine and almost anything acidic will cause this issue!

I’m guessing you are realising as you read on that the questions are critical in making the right decision for your home or project, for the long term.

There may also be some stone products that are too slippery for open area’s and not suitable around your pool or open entertaining area. This really comes down to the finish of the product and making sure your stone pavers are suitable for the area used.

Talks to us at Armstone® we will give you the most ethical and right advice on which material will suit and will supply you with products that will perfectly fit with your lifestyle and the area.

Melba Limestone Pavers* Melba Limestone Pavers

With the right area and correct application, it can be heavenly to see true art unfold in front of your eyes – natural stone products are impossible to recreate. The stunning character and depth in products from the earth are second to none. From the beauty of Limestone pavers through to Bluestone pavers it’s the kind of art that only mother nature can create.
If you have the time to care for the product – it will love you back equally. Many quality stones will stand the test of time, given you have cared for it how it deserves to be cared for.

This includes installing your pavers with quality installation products, ensuring the substrate is ideal for the applications you have chosen and the stone has been correctly sealed/pre-sealed.

Depending on what stone you opt for, any professional stone supplier should know what is required for each type of stone.
The luxury stone pavers can add to your garden is jaw-dropping and it enforces your position and unique taste to the rest of your friends and family.

Siri Marble Pavers Armstone* Siri Marble Pavers

Some of you may now see why natural stone isn’t always the best options, it’s not easily going to fit in with your busy lifestyle, minimal time and high desire to enjoy your outdoors in your fast-paced life. There is still hope!

A fully functional solution – Structural Porcelain pavers are the way to go.

Planning a nice summer vacation for your family?
Whilst your big beautiful gumtree sheds its vibrant green leaves… You can holiday away, knowing full well upon your return you can clean your structural porcelain pavers with high pressure or any chemical and no adverse effects!

Silver Travertine Porcelain* Silver Travertine-look Porcelain Pavers

Porcelain Pavers never permanently stain!

Now, don’t think of this product as the inferior sibling of stone pavers. You aren’t making a concession here, you are picking the right paver for you.

Ideal for use in wet areas, porcelain pavers are of commercial grade slip resistance and can be laid on any substrate (sand, grass, pedestals)
Finally, the whole family can safely enjoy the outdoors and you need not worry about your pets staining your pavers or your children and friends spilling OJ all over the poolside pavers.

For a fully functional, low maintenance lifestyle there is no better option. A quality porcelain paving option will entail all of the features above and more.

Natural Stone Pavers Vs Porcelain Pavers

Now that you’ve got a good foundation of what products may work for you. It’s time to browse through some of our range of porcelain pavers and stone pavers see which one of these options will work for you.

If you still can’t decide which option will work or not for your area feel free to give us a call on 1300 560 560 and we will be able to help you to make the right decision.

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