Pros and Cons of a Cobblestone Paver Driveway

Published by Armstone, 25 June, 2018

A cobblestone driveway can be a great choice for your home. Durable, resistant, versatile and aesthetically pleasing — cobblestone paver driveways seem to tick all the boxes. What’s more — they create a unique and memorable look for your driveway which definitely adds extra value to your home.

Before you decide to go ahead with the installation, learn all about the pros and cons of cobblestone paver driveways below.

What are cobblestone pavers?

Contrary to what many think cobblestones are not one type of rock — but rather the process of cobbling stones to create cobble rock surface areas. The original cobblestones were stones accumulated from riverbeds.

Cobblestone pavers can be made of almost any type of rock — and are usually composed of pieces of granite. Basalt and other rocks are sometimes referred to as cobblestones when installed.

Used as driveway material for centuries, granite is a very sturdy and high-quality rock — it’s stain resistant, isn’t affected by weather conditions, and it doesn’t crack or split like most other paver materials. So if you’re after a tough, attractive and unique driveway, cobblestone is definitely a great choice.

Cobblestone paver driveway installation process

Installing a cobblestone paver driveway can be labour intensive and it’s a process that’s best left to the professionals rather than a DIY project. As tough as granite cobblestone pavers are, the strength of the driveway will only be as good as the installation.

Pros of a cobblestone paver driveway

1. Durability

Cobblestone paver driveways are incredibly durable — lasting up to 10050 years or even longer if installed properly. As mentioned earlier, granite (the material most of cobblestones are made of) is incredibly resistant and can be put under a great amount of stress — withstanding the everyday weight of cars and weather conditions.

2. Low maintenance

Cobblestone paver driveways don’t require much maintenance as they are very durable. A thorough washing with water a few times a year will help maintain the stone’s colour and durability. Scrubbing doesn’t hurt either. Unlike other surfaces (such as concrete), there’s no need for repaving every few years.

3. Versatility

Another great feature of cobblestone paver driveways is how versatile they are in terms of styling. There are several colours and styles to choose from, which provides great combination possibilities. You can find colours from dark reds and pinks to brown, terracotta, black and grey.

With all these shades available, you can make just about any pattern you want. Cobblestones are versatile when it comes to uses. You don’t always have to use them for driveways — patios, pathways, tipping stones, gardens and verandas can all be made with this process.

Cons of a cobblestone paver driveway

1. Price

Cobblestone paver driveway installations can be a bit pricey in comparison to concrete driveways. But considering they are durable, versatile and don’t require much maintenance — the price proves to be a worthwhile investment.

2. Not recommendable as a DIY job

Installation is important in order for the pavers to last long and it’s best left to the specialist. If not installed properly and on the correct substrate, the pavers may loosen or crack over time due to high weight-loads associated with drivewaysand cause damage to the grout, joints or gravel underlays. Not to mention mounting your driveway needs to be achieved as rapidly as possible.

All in all, cobblestone driveways are durable, resistant and versatile when it comes to style. Take a look at our range of cobblestone at Armstone today. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us on 1300 560 560 or by filling out this online form.

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