Landscaping Trends: Creating Impressive Modern Driveways with Stone Pavers

When constructing or renovating our home, we tend to focus on the house and landscaping and either rush, or neglect, the driveway.

Yet, when executed well, our driveways can boost the aesthetic appeal of the home – or the resale value if you’re selling – by functioning as a practical (and attractive) entrance to the property.

Additionally, using the right materials to build or renovate your driveway will ensure that it is safe and lasts decades without needing repair. For the best results, plan your driveway, choose quality materials, and work to a budget.

In today’s article, we will show you how natural stone pavers offer a great combination of visual appeal and durability for your driveway project.

Planning your driveway

Apart for your front garden, your driveway gives passersby, guests and potential buyers, the first impression to your home. Furthermore, you’ll use your driveway on a daily basis, so we recommend planning it for aesthetic value, functionality, safety, and durability. We also strongly recommend seeking the services of a professional installer because it’s not a project you want to be continually fixing and repairing. Any mishap can potentially endanger others as well as damage your vehicle/s.


If you have a small property, given the spacial constraints, a simple and straight layout would work best. However, if you have a larger property and you’re starting from scratch, you have more room to create a unique layout for your driveway.

A straight layout typically means that your driveway is designed in a straight line from the street to your garage. You can then frame this type of driveway with trees, a lawn, or shrubs, and use the driveway itself as a focal point.

On the other hand, if your garage doesn’t line up in a straight manner with the street, or there’s a tree in the way, use a curved layout for both visual and practical purposes. Curved driveways can add character and a unique appeal to your property.

The horseshoe or curved style, is another design you might want to consider. It’s a circular driveway that lets you get in and out without reversing.


Mistral Granite Cobblestones


Once you’ve decided the layout, it’s time to choose the materials for your driveway.

Here we recommend natural stone pavers because they are versatile to work with and also durable, meaning they will withstand the load of vehicles driving in and out and last a lifetime.

Here are some ideas to consider for your new driveway:

  • Driveway stone pavers as a feature – You can install stone pavers in large rectangular blocks and turn your driveway into a focal point. If you want to match your driveway with the modern aesthetics of your house design, install a cobblestone border around your large pavers.
  • Crazy paving – If you want a distinctive-looking driveway, use crazy paving to give it a unique touch and set it apart from the rest of your home and street.
  • Different colours and textures – Alternate the colours and textures of your stone pavers to create a natural, yet modern driveway.
  • Shape – Irregularly shaped pavers can create a modern, yet relaxed look. Alternatively, you can give your driveway a unique touch by changing the shape of the pavers but using the same type of stone.
  • Blend into the background – Use subtle variations of bluestone to create a driveway that complements an ultra-modern carport design.

Gradient and width

Next, you want to consider the topography of your property and how it impacts the gradient of your driveway.

You want your driveway to support drainage and be safe to drive in and out of with visibility and pedestrian traffic. This is why you want a driveway to have a balance between being completely driveway and extremely steep.

With regards to width, we suggest checking the requirements with your local council, and ensuring that it’s wide enough to support ease of entry and exit.


Audrey Cobblestones

** Audrey Quartz Cobblestones on mesh

Materials affect aesthetics as well as performance, traction-boosting, and durability, so prior to choosing your material of choice,  consider the functionality you require from it. Popular materials you can use with your stone pavers include the following:

  1. Granite paversRaven Granite is an igneous rock that is dense and hard wearing. It has a non-slip flamed surface which makes it both aesthetically pleasing and ideal for driveways. Due to its dark colour, it hides dirt marks well and will stand the test of time.
  2. Bluestone paversDurable, elegant and modern, this basalt paver is the perfect material for driveways that will make your property look and feel like it’s made of premium quality.


Another important point you need to consider is how much time and money you want to invest in keeping your driveway in a good condition. In fact, we recommend keeping maintenance requirements at the forefront of your mind when you’re finalising your design and choosing your materials. This is why we suggest investing in slightly more expensive options like natural stone pavers, which – on the outset – are slightly more expensive than other alternatives, are also more durable and will require less ongoing costs.

Cost of paving a driveway with natural stone

As we mentioned in the paragraph above, paving your driveway with natural stone pavers requires a higher initial investment. This is why, unless you have an unlimited budget for your new driveway, it’s important to plan for your materials, the base, and other costs from the outset. Also, remember to factor in the costs of contracting a professional installer which, depending on the state or territory you live in, may either need to be a licensed contractor or a registered builder. You can call your local council to find out which one it is.

When quoting your driveway project, your contractor will look at your choice of material, the size in square metres of the area to be paved, and whether it’s a sloping or steep driveway. Given the complexity, steep driveways cost more than flat ones to pave. Another important factor they will quote is the base which, complete with drainage, is an essential part of your new driveway. This can be made from crushed sandstone, concrete, or an alternative material. A good base helps your driveway last longer. The cost for a driveway base will be approximately $100 per square metre and a further $120 per sq/m will be required for the laying of the pavers or cobblestones.

Plan for your driveway

There you have it: all you need to know to create a unique and durable driveway with natural stone pavers!

If you need any additional assistance, reach out to our team of stone experts at Armstone online or at 1300 560 560. We are Sydney’s leading supplier of natural stone and porcelain products and are dedicated to supplying only first grade quality products from around the world.

Visit our showroom in Glebe to find out how we can help you find the right material for your driveway project.

We love this stuff and we would love to help you bring your project to life too!

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