How to Choose Outdoor Pavers and Tiles for the Perfect Patio

Thinking of installing a new patio?

Or perhaps you’re looking to lay some pavers to create the perfect garden path, pool or entertainment area?

In this article, we explore the top trends when choosing stone pavers and porcelain pavers and dive into which may be most suitable for you.

And first…

What’s the difference between stone pavers and porcelain tiles?

Before choosing between natural stone pavers and porcelain pavers for your outdoor space, it’s essential you know the difference.

  1. Stone pavers are unique and individualistic because natural stone is quarried from the ground and no two pavers will ever be the same. As such, no material can rival against that luxury appeal of natural stone pavers. In saying that, they have their own downfalls, especially when it comes to maintenance.
  2. Porcelain pavers look very similar to natural stone pavers, however, they are manufactured. As such, they are easier to maintain and more functional for everyday purposes. They are also on average 35% cheaper than natural stone pavers. So if you’re building on a budget and love the natural look, porcelain pavers will help you achieve this aesthetic without breaking the bank.

Now let’s have a look at…

When to use Natural Stone Pavers?

Marble pavers and limestone pavers are quite distinguished in appearance and being available in a wide assortment of colours. These natural stones are often selected for indoor and outdoor settings because of their elegance and unrefined look, so it’s easy to see why they are a popular choice in contemporary designed homes and landscapes.

If you want to create a clean, minimalist and eye-catching path or indoor environment, install either marble and limestone pavers. Representing both strength and elegance, they will add a lot of character to any modern home.

Limestone is also quite unobtrusive in appearance. As such it can give a lovely organic touch even in a large backyard. Alternatively, it can be used as a trim around wooden decks or stepping stones along a garden path.

Striking and robust, granite pavers create a clean look for modern properties. As a strong and dense stone, granite is very suitable for high traffic areas and makes it an equally attractive (and practical) choice for pathways, patios or even driveways!

Melba 2

Bluestone pavers are another natural stone that is robust and suitable for outdoor areas with heavy foot or tyre traffic. These versatile pavers can be laid in a variety of designs like herringbone or fan shapes. Alternatively, you can use them as stepping stones.

If you love sandstone, we can relate! As a timeless stone it oozes character and makes your garden look majestic and regal. However, since it is a softer stone, it doesn’t bode well with lots of pressure and foot traffic. As such, we suggest using sandstone in areas with light or minimal traffic or simply adding it as a defining trim along your garden.

Now that we’ve reviewed natural stones, let’s have a look at…

When to use Structural Porcelain Pavers?

All porcelain pavers have a high break-load and most are designed to reduce glare from the harsh summer sun. So, not only will they stand the test of time but they will be easy to maintain, giving you all the time in the world (ish) to enjoy your space.

Let’s review which ones to use and when and where to install them!

If you love the granite look but want to install a paver that’s easier to maintain, Porcelain Granite Pavers are your answer!

With a 1200kg break load, these pavers can be installed on pretty much anything: sand, screen, pedestals. Porcelain pavers also absorb 35% less heat than their natural stone counterparts. Given Australia’s harsh desert summers, this makes them an ideal choice for outdoor (and indoor) locations.

Similar in appearance to classic travertine pavers, ivory porcelain pavers have a lighter tone. This makes them inviting, pleasant and extremely dense. Also, the staining issues that can affect natural travertine stone are completely nonexistent with porcelain pavers because they never permanently stain. Ivory porcelain pavers are popular for entertainment around the pool and are perfect as stepping stones for  pathways.

If you want a sandstone paver that is hard wearing and suitable for pool areas, you may wish to consider sandstone look porcelain pavers. These offer an elegant, yet functional, solution to outdoor entertainment. They feel like a natural sandstone underfoot and have a similar colour tone and appearance but are much easier to maintain. This is important, especially around the pool where water and acidity from plants or spilled drinks, can damage and stain natural sandstone!

Elite Silver

If you are looking for something more earthly in tone, we suggest tuscany porcelain pavers instead of ivory porcelain pavers. They are also ideal for high traffic areas.

Limestone porcelain pavers have a similar look and feel to limestone pavers and are predominantly neutral in colour (available in both grey and beige). Beyond the advantages that porcelain pavers have over stone, Jura is more uniform in colour, thus embodying a cleaner, more minimalistic aesthetic to any patio or entertainment area.

Robust and hard to stain, porcelain pavers are useful in large outdoor entertainment areas. Typically grey in colour with copper tones, quartz porcelain pavers are almost identical to naturally occurring split-face quartz stones. Their other advantages are that they’re slip resistant, show no fracture points, and absorb less heat than natural stone quartz.

Now that you know the difference between stone pavers and porcelain pavers, it’s time to…

Choose a tile or paver that is right for you!

Finding not only the best, but the right paving solution can be quite a cumbersome and challenging experience.

If you need some help, advice or professional consultation, please reach out! We would love to help you find the best option for you and your family.

Simply give us a call and one of our experts will steer you in the right direction.

Thanks for reading this article!

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