How to Choose Outdoor Pavers and Tiles for the Perfect Patio

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Thinking of installing a new patio? Perhaps you’re just looking to lay some stone for the perfect garden path, pool or entertainment area? In this article, we look at the top trends in stone and porcelain pavers and dive into which may be suitable for you.

What’s the difference between stone pavers and porcelain tiles?

Before choosing between natural stone and porcelain pavers for your outdoor space – it’s essential you know the difference.

  1.  Stone pavers are unique for the natural stone look each type of natural stone brings. Each paver is unique, and no other material can match it for the ‘luxury’ aesthetic.
  2. Porcelain pavers are very close to this look while being easier to maintain, and more functional to use. They are also around 30% cheaper on average than natural stone.

When to use stone pavers

Marble and Limestone pavers have a distinguished appearance and its range of colour selections make this naturally occurring stone a popular choice in contemporary design. These forms of natural stone are frequently selected for its natural, elegant appearances in both outdoor settings and indoor solutions.

Clean, minimalist and eye-catching, marble and limestone pavers make a striking choice for the home and yard or leaning into the front or back of the home. Communicating both strength and elegance, it’s hard to look past this choice for any modern home.

Striking and robust, granite pavers offer a clean look for most modern properties. Equally attractive as a pathway or patio area, granite is a strong and dense stone that is useful for high traffic areas. It can even be used in driveways.

Bluestone is another robust natural stone that is suitable for outdoor areas where a lot of activity takes place. These pavers are versatile and can be laid in herringbone and fan designs to suit your home, or simply paved as stepping stones.

Timeless and brimming with character, sandstone is an elegant option for areas with more subdued activity or laid along garden paths that won’t see too much activity, as well as defining trim in garden areas.

Available in a range of styles, limestone pavers are a versatile option for your backyard entertainment area. Limestone is unobtrusive in appearance, with enough distinction in colour range to provide a natural look even in a large backyard. It is also used as trim around wooden decks or as stepping stones along the garden path.

When to use porcelain tiles

If you’re keen on a Granite look but want a paver that’s easier to maintain, porcelain Granite pavers could be the answer. With a 1200kg break load, these pavers can be laid just about anywhere including sand, screed or pedestals. Porcelain pavers also attract 35% less heat than their natural stone counterpart, making them an excellent Australian choice is given our hot climate in the warmer seasons.

Similar in appearance to Leggero travertine, ivory porcelain is unique in that it’s lighter tonally. Inviting, pleasant and extremely dense the staining issues that can affect natural travertine stone are completely removed. Our porcelain pavers, never permanently stain. Ivory porcelain pavers are popular for entertainment around the pool, they also make for great pathway stepping stones.

If you want a Sandstone look that is hard wearing and suitable for pool areas, you may wish to consider sandstone porcelain tiles. Offering an elegant yet functional solution to outdoor entertaining, they feel just like natural sandstone underfoot and offer a similar colour tone and appearance, but with a more robust feature set that can also be used around the pool.

Tuscany porcelain pavers are more earthy in colour than ivory porcelain pavers and are great for high traffic areas.
All porcelain pavers feature a high break-load and most are designed to reduced glare from the harsh summer sun, meaning they’ll not only last the test of time but also create easy to enjoy spaces.

Jura porcelain pavers have a similar look and feel to limestone pavers and are predominantly neutral in colour, available in both grey and beige. Beyond the advantages porcelain offers over stone, Jura is more uniform in colour, offering a cleaner, more minimal aesthetic to the patio or entertainment area.

Robust and hard to stain, quartz porcelain pavers are useful in large entertainment areas, indoor or outdoor. Typically grey in colour with copper tones, quartz porcelain is almost identical to naturally occurring split face quartz stone. They also have the advantage of being slip resistant and show no fracture points, while holding less heat than stone.

Choosing a tile or paver that is right for you

It can be challenging to find the right paving solution for you, we are more than happy to assess your personal circumstances and advise you which option we think will be best for you and your family.

Feel free to give us a call.

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