How to Add Value to Your House with Minimal Cost Before Selling It

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When it comes time to sell your home and you may feel a sudden flood of emotions and thoughts. Is this the right decision? Are we ready to move? How can we make sure we get top dollar? Don’t worry – it’s natural – and as most people sell a home once or twice in their lifetime, it is important to be prepared and leave no stone unturned when it comes time to present your property to the market.

Finding the right buyer

When selling your home, you are looking for the buyer that is going to fall in love with your property – we like to refer to these people as the “heart buyer”.

These are the buyers that see more to your home than just bricks and mortar; they see a lifestyle, they see themselves sitting with their children on the deck, playing with their pets in the garden, walking to the local café, and value what the area has to offer for their children’s future and education.

The goal is to maximise the amount of “heart buyers” – to put them in competition with one another and find the true hidden value of your home.

Most people will make up their mind (conscious or subconscious) within a 7th of a second

about what they think of your property. The moment that the buyer sees the front of your home they have pre-determined some sort of limitation or advantage.

Dollars are in the details

How to Add Value to Your House with Minimal Cost Before Selling It3

These limitations of advantages more than likely will convert to dollars paid. The goal is to make each buyer fall in love consistently throughout, from the front door all the way to your back fence. Keeping your home and garden well maintained with a seasonal schedule will make it easier when it comes time to sell, and prevent you from having to spend an excessive amount of money on problems that could have been fixed early on.

It is important to pay attention to small details as these make the biggest difference. De-clutter spaces and attend to the little things like the grout between your tiles especially in the bathroom and kitchen. Keep your bushes trimmed, make sure your paint is fresh – it is important to take note that keeping colours neutral will appeal to a wider range of people.

Add appeal and character to entrances

How to Add Value to Your House with Minimal Cost Before Selling It4

Step treads are also low labour and very cost-effective organic way of furthering the character and appeal of your home. They give a warm, natural feel to the entrance of your home and are perfect for creating a finished look.

Marrying stone steps with stone cladding and stepping stones or stone cladding and cobblestones gives you the perfect combination and adds a “wow” factor to your home. Stones panels and stack stones are an ideal and economical way to spruce up your home or add a feature for the face of your home.

Cladding is a perfect way to cost-effectively add tremendous value to your retaining walls or planter box walls and will go a long way in creating value for purchasers of your home. Gone are the days of the only method being each individual piece laid like a puzzle by a landscaper. Technology has allowed us to create a timeless look with relative ease and most importantly minimal investment.

Does the backyard need a facelift?

If your outdoor area has been neglected or needs a facelift, stepping stones are another cost-effective solution to adding warmth to your backyard. With the simple addition of stone pebbles or Mondo grass, you can create an ambient and relaxing setting for all to enjoy. Add some potted flowers, hanging plants, and solar-powered mood lights to give a finishing touch.

Remember guys, the goal is to keep the costs low but add tremendous value. We’ve seen these strategies (paired with the right agent) add tremendous gains to your bottom line.

Don’t do everything – but do the small things that matter. In a world of same, same – it pays to be different. Talk to Armstone today about the ways you can add value to your home with minimal spend.

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