How to Add Value to Your House with Minimal Cost Before Selling It

Moving or selling one’s home can bring up a flood of thoughts and emotions:

Is this the right decision?

Are we ready to move?

How do we find the realtor?

Did we hire the right realtor?

Will it be worth the effort?

How can we ensure to make it worth our while and get the best value for it?

What if we don’t sell?

Chances are that if you’ve considered selling your home, you’ve thought one, a few or all of the above.

We want to assure you that these thoughts and feelings are very natural, so if you’re going through the motions, it’s okay. You’re human. And though we can’t help you with all of those emotions, we can help you do a few simple things to add value to your property so that it attracts the right buyers.

Most people sell a home once or twice in their lifetime and it can be a very tumultuous and stressful process. That is why, to ease the pain of it all, it’s important to leave no stone unturned when it comes to preparing your property for the market.

In today’s article will we share how you can do just that.

Avatar Bluestone Organic Stepping Stones

** Avatar Bluestone Organic shape Stepping Stones 

Finding the right buyer

One of the most important aspects of selling your home is finding the right buyer.

Most people, when presenting their home, search for a buyer/s who will fall in love with your property. These people are often referred to as “heart-buyers.”

These type of buyers see more to your house than just bricks and mortar; they see a lifestyle and a space where they can create memories, a place where they sit on the deck with their children, play with their pets and friends in the garden, stroll to the local café, and a home where they can grow old. They also see an area that offers value and positive prospects for themselves, their children and their future.

When preparing your home for a sale, your goal is to maximise the amount of “heart buyers”. Ideally, you want to pit them in competition with one another in such a way that when they bid on your home, they will help you discover its true value in the process.

From the moment they arrive at your property, most people will make up their mind about what they think of it (whether they are aware of this consciously or not) within a 7th of a second. When they say that “first impressions last”, they do. You see, from the moment that your potential buyer sees the front of your home, they have already decided whether they see it as a prospective property or not by observing any limitations to the advantages.

This is why the…

Dollars are in the details

Because you see, the more limitations your potential buyer observes regarding the advantages, the less they will be willing to pay.  This is why your goal is to make each buyer fall in love with your property consistently as they stroll through it. So from the front door all the way to your back fence, you want your potential buyer to be WOWed by your home and keep any negative observations at a minimum.

We recommend keeping your home and garden well maintained to a seasonal schedule so that when it comes time to sell, it will be much easier to prepare for the sale. This will also prevent you from having to spend an excessive amount of money on problems that could have been fixed earlier.

When preparing your home for a sale, the smallest details make the biggest difference and impact. So take the time to de-clutter spaces and attend to the little things like the grout between your tiles in the bathroom and kitchen. Keep your bushes trimmed, give your walls and fences a fresh coat of paint and when it comes to choosing a colour, keep it neutral as this appeals to a wider range of people.

Armstone - Stone Wall Cladding (2)

Add appeal and character to entrances

As we mentioned in the previous point, first impressions make a lasting impact.

A simple way you can create a positive impact to your home is by installing step treads to your stairs. Step treads give a warm and natural feel to the entrance of your home and are perfect for creating a finished look. Additionally, they require minimum labour and are a cost-effective solution to adding character and appeal of your home.

Other simple and cost-effective ways you can enhance your home’s value is by marrying stone steps with stone cladding, and installing stepping stones or cobblestones to add pizzazz and a ‘wow’ factor. If you are working on a budget, stones panels and stack stones are another economical way you can spruce up your home or create a focal point/feature for your potential buyers to enjoy.

Graphene Granite Pavers

Wall Cladding is a perfect way to cost-effectively add tremendous value to your retaining walls or planter box walls and will go a long way in being noticed for its unique and nature aesthetic. It’s also relatively easy to do (gone are the days when you needed to be an expert at carpentry to build a wall) and most importantly, requires a minimal investment to create a maximum effect.

Next, ask yourself: does the backyard need a facelift?

Chances are that if your outdoor area has been neglected for a while, it needs a facelift. One of the easiest and cost-effective ways you can do this is by installing stepping stones. These add warmth to your backyard and guide your buyers through the backyard while keeping your lawn and garden free from being tramped by foot traffic. Furthermore, adding stone pebbles or Mondo grass will create a relaxing ambience for prospective buyers. Next, add some potted flowers, hanging plants, and solar-powered mood lights and give your garden that finishing touch ready to dazzle your heart-buyer with their new home.

Raven Granite Stepping Stones

And there you have it!

A few simple ways you can add value to your home in preparation for its sale!

A note before we finish, remember that the goal is to keep the costs low while simultaneously adding value. We’ve seen these strategies (paired with the right real estate agent) deliver a positive outcome for everyone involved.

Also, you don’t have to do everything, just the small things that matter. Because in a world with cookie cutter houses, where everyone wants to be the same, it pays to be different and stand out from the competition.

If you have any other questions on how you can use natural stone pavers, cobblestones, step treads, stone pebbles, stone panels and wall cladding to add value to your home for a sale, reach out to our experts at Armstone today. We have helped hundreds and thousands of people like you find the right materials, for the right investment to transform their home.

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