How A Walled Garden Can Save Time, Money and Space

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Walled gardens, vertical gardens, green walls; no matter what you call them, they are a huge statement piece that can be added to a garden of any size. Not only are they unique to look at but they are a functional use of space, too. For those who have limited space or only a courtyard to work with they are an easy way to add both greenery and colour in a concreted urban living space. Save time, money, and space with a lush vertical garden and add visual appeal and value to your home.

Save time with a vertical garden

One of the simplest ways to save time but still make an impact in your outdoor space is by installing a vertical garden or green wall. With homes and yard spaces getting smaller, there isn’t much space to work with when it comes to gardening and creating a statement feature. A vertical garden is often soil-less with no need for potting and planting. There’s a great room for creativity with a vertical garden and the flexibility of these statement pieces ensures there’s no need for spending too much time planning or maintaining. Here’s how a vertical garden will save you time:

  1. Plants are easier to reach and maintain. This makes watering, trimming, and fertilising much more convenient, especially since they’re all in the same space.
  2. Assembling a vertical garden can be as grand or as simple as you make it be. You don’t need a great ornate feature wall, creating a vertical garden can be as easy as hanging up flower troughs or using old picture frames and planting terrariums inside for a unique and creative green wall.
  3. There’s no need for any heavy lifting or digging. You can select low-maintenance plants to lessen the need for gardening.

vertical garden

The cost & benefits of a vertical garden

Vertical gardens offer great scope for creativity, meaning they don’t have to cost very much to make. In most cases, a vertical garden can be built yourself using existing materials or recycled timbers and planters. Some solutions can call for clay pots or even recycled water bottles to make a hanging hydroponic garden. The benefits of a vertical garden are numerous:

  1. They look good! A vertical garden can transform even the tiniest space into a rainforest oasis. There’s an abundance of options when it comes to the design and execution of a vertical garden. You can make a colourful feature wall using bright florals, or you may wish to incorporate a green grassy wall into a water feature.
  2. Perfect for high-density living. As cities become more crowded and the dependence on apartment living has become the norm, utilizing vertical green walls adds a bit of nature into the urban concrete jungle. For those who have no outdoor space or only a balcony, a vertical garden can be installed allowing for the growth of fresh herbs.
  3. Environmentally-friendly. Green walls are good for the environment. They are natural humidifiers by filtering pollutants and carbon dioxide out of the air. Exterior wall gardens can even help to reduce heat absorption, making for an energy-efficient way of naturally cooling your home – and an easy way to save money on your energy bill!
  4. They don’t require as much water-use as a normal garden. This saves money on your water bill, particularly if you decide to use only drought-tolerant plants such as succulents.

Make functional use of space with a vertical garden

If you’re limited with space – or have no space to plant at all – then a vertical garden is your answer to adding a bit of greenery to your home. Vertical gardens can also be used to create a new space or zone. This is highly effective in smaller spaces. Walling off a dining or entertaining area with a green vertical garden gives the impression of spaciousness and is a more attractive way of screening. Vertical gardens and green walls enhance your existing layout and can be a unique way of making use of wasted spaces in your living areas. Lattice walls, pellet fences, hanging pots, and ornate suspended gardens enhance the aesthetics of a small space, courtyard, balcony, or inner-city apartment without impending on the functionality or area of the room.

Convert your small space into a natural oasis

Vertical gardens are a versatile way of adding intrigue and added greenery into a yard, courtyard, or indoor living space. The popular trend of planting vertical green walls and gardens is made even more practical because of the effective and functional use of space. No matter what size yard or space you’re working with, a vertical garden allows you to enjoy a private piece of oasis within suburbia. Seek inspiration for your green space with products and solutions from Armstone. Contact us today to discuss your garden and landscaping ideas and let us help you make it a reality.

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