How A Walled Garden Can Save Time, Money and Space

Looking to add a green oasis to your home or garden but are pressed for space?

A walled or vertical garden or green wall is the ultimate solution!

Not only are they unique and beautiful statement pieces, but they make a functional use of the space as well. So if you have super limited amount of garden space and are keen to add some greenery to your concrete urban living area, you will save time, money and room with a lush vertical garden.

Let’s explore how!

Save time with a vertical garden

With the population increasing, sizes of homes and yards are decreasing, which leaves many people starved of simple life pleasures such as lush gardens for their family to enjoy. Which is why a vertical garden or green wall is an excellent (and simple) way to add an outdoor space to your home. The added bonus is that a vertical garden is often soil-less and requires no potting and planting. You are also not limited by how creative you can be with your wall and because there is so much flexibility with design, you can make it as simple (or complicated) as you want. This reduces the time you need to spend planning or maintaining the wall. A vertical garden will also save you time in the following ways:

  1. Plants are easier to reach and maintain. This makes watering, trimming, and fertilising much more convenient, especially since they’re all in the same space.
  2. Assembling a vertical garden can be as grand or as simple as you wish. If you want a simple garden with a few hanging flower troughs, it’s easy enough to do. Else, you can create an ornate feature wall or maybe make something unique by using old picture frames and planting terrariums inside them!
  3. There’s no need for any heavy lifting or digging. You can select low-maintenance plants to reduce the need for gardening.

vertical garden

The cost & benefits of a vertical garden

As per our last point, vertical gardens offer great scope for creativity, meaning they don’t have to cost very much to make. In most cases you can easily build a vertical garden yourself using existing materials or recycled timbers and planters. If you are super environmental, you can recycle old clay pots and water bottles and transform them into a hanging hydroponic garden. There are many other benefits of installing vertical gardens, including:

  1. They look good! A vertical garden can transform even the tiniest space into a rainforest oasis. Whether you prefer a colourful floral feature wall or a more subdued and grassy green garden or something meditative like a water feature: you have a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to the design and execution of your vertical garden.
  2. Perfect for high-density living. As cities become more and more crowded and the dependence on apartment living increases, installing a vertical garden brings a natural touch to what is otherwise an urban concrete jungle. For those who have no outdoor space or only a balcony, your vertical garden can become a functional space where you can harvest fresh herbs for all your salads and pastas.
  3. Environmentally-friendly. By filtering pollutants and carbon dioxide out of the air, green walls act as natural humidifiers which makes them good for the environment. In hot climates like Australia, exterior wall gardens have an additional bonus of reducing heat absorption, making them an energy-efficient (and natural) way of cooling your home and an excellent (and easy) solution to saving money on your energy bill!
  4. They don’t require as much watering as a normal garden. This saves money on your water bill, especially if you chose to plant drought-tolerant plants such as succulents.

Make functional use of space with a vertical garden

No space or limited space? No problem! A vertical garden is the perfect solution to add greenery to your home. You can use vertical gardens to create a new space or zone. For example, by walling off a dining or entertaining area with a vertical garden gives the impression of spaciousness and is an attractive screening solution. If you want to enhance your existing layout and give life to those wasted spaces in your outdoor (or indoor) living areas, vertical gardens and green walls are a sure way to do so. Lattice walls, pellet fences, hanging pots, and ornate suspended gardens enhance the aesthetics of a small space, courtyard, balcony, or inner-city apartment without impending on the functionality or area of the room.

Convert your small space into a natural oasis

Tired of working, living and coming home to a concrete jungle and don’t have enough time to make it out into nature? This is when you can bring nature to you by converting any boring vertical white wall into a living, breathing and beautiful green oasis! Whether you want it to be pretty or functional, really depends on you. But one thing is for certain: you and your space will feel so much better and healthier because of this decision and addition to your home.

Want to get started but don’t know how?

Or maybe you know what you want and need the products to get going?

Reach out to our teach of experts online or at 1300 560 560. We would love to help bring your vertical oasis to life and answer all your questions.

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