Gift Guide: Best Things to Buy for an Outdoor Entertainer

It can be tricky to buy a good gift for someone that loves to entertain and spend most of their time soaking up everything the great outdoors have to offer. If you know someone that would rather be in the garden or grilling some burgers on the BBQ then here are some brilliant (and unique) gift ideas for those who love being outside, surrounded by family and friends.

Lounging around

If you know they want to renovate or improve their outdoor space, why not help a buddy out? Find out what their style is and grab them some deck or garden furniture. It can be as small as a side table for them to work off (or to match existing furniture), or something as big as an outdoor lounge suite – take your pick really.

If it’s a close friend or relative, don’t be afraid to be unique in your decisions. Play on colours and textures; the item you choose may even become a feature in the space.

A wonderful idea is their very own rocking or swing chair. It’s not generally something most people would buy for themselves but is most definitely one of the most relaxing pieces of furniture one can own. If you want to be really thoughtful, you can enlist the skill of a carpenter to create a unique piece.

If you don’t know what they like, perhaps a voucher to your nearest furniture store is a good idea. That way, they can pick and choose what they want.

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Light it up

Again, it’s all about enhancing the space where they like to entertain. While downlights can be boring, your gift need not be. Find some cool, funky or quirky lights, whether it be lights on stands, solar lights that can be installed into grass or some cute fairy lights to put through the trees or along the walls. Just remember to really think about where they’re going to go and whether they need to be specifically outdoor lights (meaning they’ll be 100% waterproof), or whether they’ll be under cover.

Give the gift of warmth

Now, of course, the festive season is summer down here in Australia, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick to only summer gift ideas. Look towards winter and buy a fire pit or heater for their backyard. Of course, the fire pit is going to bring a really moody sense of warmth – relaxing as you sit around it and chat to your friends – but the space really needs to be geared to a real outdoor fire. The great thing about fire pits over heaters as well is that they produce some light, so even as it gets dark (and a bit chilly), your friend will still be able to keep the party going outdoors.

And if they can’t have a fire, definitely consider a heater. There’s nothing more depressing than an outdoor space that can’t be used in winter because it’s too cold.

Swing on with a hammock

Nothing says summer more than swinging through the warm breeze in the comfort of your very own hammock. There are two types you can get depending on whether the person you’re purchasing it for has somewhere to attach the hammock to. If this is the case, wall hanging hammocks tend to blend into their surroundings. If they don’t, there are fantastic options for hammocks that come with their own stands so they can literally be put anywhere in the backyard and moved as needed. They also generally come in a variety of colours so they’ll fit in with any style.

Outdoor activities

Whether it’s a bocce ball set, a cricket set, croquet or even a blow-up pool, having some activities around means there’s even more to do during and after the barbeque or meal. It’s also fun for families to have around when there aren’t any visitors so your gift will most definitely be used. accessories

Whether it’s new cooking utensils for the barbeque, a pizza stone that can be used on the grill or a condiment set that can be placed next to or attached to the barbeque itself, any outdoor entertainer will love being able to use their barbeque more effectively. If your family member or friend is really an expert at barbequing, they’ll want to protect their clothes – a funny, unique or clever apron will be the perfect gift for them. Just make sure you grab one that has lots of pockets for anything they may need so it’s nice and handy, and that’s sturdy enough that it will really protect their clothes.

Armstone Things to Buy for an Outdoor Entertainer

Dress up their area

Outdoor entertaining isn’t just about providing the food, it’s also about creating the atmosphere. This means accessories will probably be the perfect gift for that outdoor entertainer in your life. Help them dress up their outdoor area with some cushions for the seats, throw rugs to make the space look homely (and provide warmth on the cooler days) or even an outdoor rug to really bring the whole look together. If they have kids, why not give them something to keep them busy and happy so they have more attention to give when entertaining guests.

You can also consider some foodie options that your friend can dedicate solely to using outside. Grab a lovely serving platter or some crockery that can become their ‘outdoor dining set’ and make it fun.

Useful things

If all else fails, you can’t go wrong with something you know they’ll most definitely use. Do they need a new lawnmower or other garden tools for outside? What about a new hose? Or even some sealers or cleaners for their pavers? You know they’ll most definitely get used out of them if you know it’s something they need.

We’re sure no matter what you grab for that outdoor entertainer, they’ll love it. You know why? Because nothing gives them greater joy than being outside! For more advice on outdoor spaces, speak to the experts at Armstone today.

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