Ease the Maintenance of Your Stone Walls and Floors With Aqua Mix Stone Sealers

Published by Armstone

Armstone ensures it carries the highest quality stonework available, but just like anything of value, this stonework should be protected. Sealers and cleaners are vital to maintaining the beauty and longevity of stonework both inside and outside the home. Even a durable and beautiful variety of stone such as travertine can be damaged over time by the acids sometimes found in rain or other environmental factors. Using a high-quality stone sealer can ensure your stonework will repel moisture, resist staining and make it easier to clean, extending its lifespan and maintaining its beautiful appearance.

When searching for a good stone sealer, it’s important to look for a brand that that is environmentally friendly in addition to providing superior protection for a range of stonework. Aqua Mix Stone Sealers are excellent at repelling both water- and oil-based stains by coating the surface with a thin and durable finish that also discourages wear and tear. Low-gloss finishes are available to help maintain the matte finish of certain varieties of stone such as slate, while a high-gloss finish can enhance the look of stonework such as marble tiles used inside the home. Aqua Mix products are water-based and include Microban, an anti-microbial ingredient that halts the growth of unhealthy germs and moulds, making it an excellent product for use on floors and for stonework that is exposed to high levels of moisture, such as that found in bathrooms and kitchens.

Different types of stone have different levels of permeability, meaning that a particularly dense type of stone will require a different chemical formula of sealer to properly protect its surface than a less dense variety. Aqua Mix provides a range of premium products that are formulated to protect a range of different stone types, ensuring the proper sealing for any type of stone product.

Armstone carries a full range of Aqua Mix stone sealers and their trained professionals will be able to advise customers on exactly the right product to enhance their stonework and increase its longevity. In addition to a full range of sealers, Armstone also carries a variety of cleaners to keep stonework looking its’ very best.

You can find out more from our full range of sealers and cleaners found here.

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