Create Visual Appeal at Your Outdoor with Teakwood Sandstone Pavers & Tiles

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The Benefits of Teakwood Sandstone

With its natural patterns and soft, organic feel, wood can make a visually appealing option for decorating outdoor spaces. However, wood is often impractical for use outdoors because exposure to harsh elements necessitates frequent replacement and upkeep. One way to bring the look of wood to the garden without the expense of regular maintenance is by using the unique patterns found in Teakwood Sandstone, a natural stone that mimics the look of wood. Subtle variations in the chemical composition of the stone as it was forming led to variegated patterns that echo the whorls and striations found in the finest wood. As a natural stone product, however, teakwood sandstone will last for generations in the garden, providing a medium that is at once beautiful and eternal.
Where to use Teakwood Sandstone Pavers

Teakwood sandstone pavers make an excellent flooring material for pool or hot tub surrounds, due to their natural non-slip surface. It’s also a great choice thanks to its ability to absorb water quickly and draw it away from the surface, in contrast to wood, which can warp from moist conditions. Teakwood sandstone pavers also make an excellent choice for garden pathways. Their pleasing texture and longevity make them a superior choice for the structural demands of walkways or driveways that need to hold up under strenuous conditions for long periods of time.

For patio areas, sleek teakwood sandstone tiles are a great choice, as their classic simplicity blends with a range of decorating styles, complementing patio furniture, lawns and flowerbeds. The soothing combination of the gentle patterns in the stone, together with its overall creamy hue, lend an air of tranquillity to any garden space.


Armstone offers a range of different finishes in this fascinating stone, from teakwood sandstone tiles to bullnosed coping and honed and sandblasted pavers. A great alternative to Sydney sandstone and approximately 1/3 of the cost – It’s not hard to see all the benefits you receive with Teakwood sandstone.

Together with the Armstone team, you can plan a wonderful and inviting garden space using teakwood sandstone that will provide constant beauty and lasting service for decades.

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