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Marble is a calcite based, metamorphic natural stone, composed of minute crystals that lend it a subtle and elegant look. Marble is a multi-layered stone that used to be a sedimentary rock formed over millions of years from mother earths pressure. It is closely related to Limestone and Travertine and is a true depiction of both stones merging over the ages.

Marble has the ability to achieve a mirror-smooth finish, as well as an more outdoor appealing, rumbled look.

These features have made Marble one of the most sought-after building materials of the ages. Sculptors like Michelangelo crafted their finest works using marble as their chosen medium, while the halls of cathedrals, palaces, museums and temples have been adorned with intricate marble tiles for thousands of years. The Taj Mahal, an enduring testament to man’s architectural grandeur, owes its gleaming purity to the marble that encases its exterior.

Today, this beautiful stone continues to inspire builders and enhance their finest creations. Marble flooring can be a tasteful addition to kitchens, bathrooms or entryways, where high traffic or occasional damp conditions make marble tiles a better choice than carpets or even hardwood for inside the home.

The vast range of colours and patterns unique to marble make it a natural match for any variety of design schemes. Marble tiles can be used solely as flooring and outdoor paving or can even be installed as fireplace surrounds and kitchen backsplashes, where marble’s dense texture naturally repels moisture. With the option to choose from colour tones ranging from Blue Marble to Egyptian marble, there is a large variety in the marble family.

Marble is also an excellent and long-lasting material for use in bathrooms, as it brings a touch of elegance even as it protects surfaces from the effects of high moisture.

To bring a distinctive look to outdoor spaces, use tumbled marble pavers, which you can look into here, to give garden pathways, pool areas or patios their own unique characteristics that will still blend perfectly with modern or classic design.

Armstone carries a large selection of Marble pavers, tiles and step treads. From salt and chlorine tested Marble pool paving to indoor bathroom or kitchen tiles, there is something to suit everyone.

Armstone’ marble pavers are specially chosen for their outdoor durability and anti-slip, promising a product that is as beautiful as it is enduring.

At Armstone, a wide range of marble flooring allows customers to personalize their homes and gardens in ways that reflect a lasting beauty and quality of design.

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