Charm Your Indoors & Outdoors With Marble Tiles & Pavers

It is undeniable that marble is a majestic natural stone.

Sculptors – like Michelangelo – crafted their finest works using marble as their chosen medium, while the halls of cathedrals, palaces, museums and temples have been adorned with intricate marble tiles for thousands of years. The Taj Mahal, an enduring testament to man’s architectural grandeur, owes its gleaming purity to the marble slabs that encase its exterior.

Evidently, marble has been used for centuries and millennia to showcase one’s wealth and status and create some of the most grandiose architectural masterpieces of our time.

With due reason too.

You see, while marble is a calcite based, metamorphic natural stone, it is also composed of minute crystals that give it a subtle, elegant and exquisite look. It owes its multi-layered formation to the sedimentary rocks that merged together over millions of years as the result of gravity and Mother Earth’s pressure.

While marble has its own distinct signature aesthetic, it is closely related to limestone and travertine, in that all three stones are examples of natural stones that form over a period of time.

One of marble’s features is that you can choose the type of finishing you want depending on where you install them. For example, you might want your kitchen bench to have a glossy reflection so you’d choose a mirror-smooth finish, but if you’d like your outdoor stepping stone pavers to have a non-slip quality, you’d choose a tumble finish.

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As such, it’s no wonder why many home-owners and builders alike – maybe even yourself – are considering using marble to add majesty to indoor and outdoor landscapes, thus making marble one of the most sought-after building materials throughout time.

Today, this timeless stone continues to inspire builders to create beautiful masterpieces.

Indoors, marble natural stone pavers are both a beautiful and practical addition to spaces like the kitchen, bathrooms or hallways – especially if they are high traffic areas.


Well, marble is a very durable, sturdy and water-resistant stone. As such, it is a better choice (compared to carpet or hardwood) for areas that are prone to high foot traffic. So long as you maintain the marble stone, it will stand the test of time without much wear and tear. Like most natural stone pavers, marble doesn’t require as much maintenance as the likes of carpet and wooden floors. Keeping marble pavers clean is as simple as regular sweeping to ensure that dust doesn’t seep into the stone and then washing the surface with a recommended solution (soap and water works best). Like many natural stone pavers, marble is quite cool underfoot. If you have indoor areas – like the living room – that are more prone to extreme sunlight, marble will add a cool reprieve, especially during hot months.

If you’re looking for the best natural stone paver for your bathroom, marble is an excellent choice. Firstly, it is extremely majestic and instantly adds elegance to the space, so much so that going to the bathroom will be a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Secondly, marble natural stone pavers have high water resistance. This means that unlike other tiling or flooring alternatives used in bathrooms, marble pavers are not as susceptible to damage from the effects of high moisture and condensation. In fact, they help protect the floors from these common issues.

Outdoors, we recommend installing tumbled marble natural stone pavers. As well as being more slip-resistant, this type of finish adds a unique touch to garden pathways, pool areas or patios while blending seamlessly with either a modern or classically designed backyard. Marble pavers are also heat-resistant which means that they feel cool under-foot. This is especially ideal for outdoor areas that get a lot of sun – like pool surrounds or footpaths. This makes the area more safe and enjoyable during the hot Sydney summers.

Though marble pavers and tiles are predominantly used for indoor and outdoor flooring, you are limited only to your imagination (and budget) with application and installation choices. Since marble is available in a variety of unique natural colours and patterns, where no two stones are ever the same, you could use marble tiles and pavers for fireplace surrounds or even kitchen backsplashes. They will add instant appeal to the area and, thanks to marble’s dense texture, repel any moisture that may gather.

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** Frostine Marble Pavers

So whether you choose to tile your kitchen, bathroom, living room, or pool surrounds with marble natural stone pavers, or simply use them as a backsplash or feature piece inside your home, everyone will love and marvel at marble’s beauty.

The only disadvantage with marble pavers is the initial cost. As a natural stone that takes millions of years to form and then a delicate process to mine and quarry, marble requires an investment. In saying that, you will reap the rewards in the long run because once installed, marble pavers and tiles will last for generations at a time. On the other hand, flooring solutions like wooden floors may wear and tear with foot traffic, moisture, the process of contracting and expanding due to the hot and cold seasons, and will require replacement every 10-20 years. Carpet similarly doesn’t stand the test of time because no matter how much you vacuum, it absorbs dirt and dust particles into the material fibres that get dirty over time, leaving ‘traffic’ trails and patches especially in the more used areas. Much like hardwood, carpets also need to be replaced every few years, adding a cost in the long run.

Even though marble pavers are a higher ticket item than other flooring options, they have many benefits that make the investment worth your while. So if your heart is set on installing marble pavers, tiles and step treads, we can help you out. At Armstone, we stock a wide collection of marble pavers in all the categories – from salt to chlorine tested pool paving, indoor bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles, stepping stones and much more.

Our marble pavers are known for their high quality as we specifically choose them for their outdoor durability and anti-slip properties, providing you with a product that is both beautiful and practical and will endure through the ages.

If you have any questions, reach out to our team of experts at Armstone online or call 1300 560 560. We would love to help you choose the best marble product to bring your home project to life.

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