Backyard Water Fountain Ideas For Instant Ambiance

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Outdoor water fountains are a great addition to any backyard or landscape. A water feature such as a fountain creates ambience and can be used to further enhance your landscape design or be the central focal point of it. If you’re thinking about increasing the comfort and style of your outdoor space then look at adding a water fountain; it’s simple, cost-effective, and will transform any outdoor space.

Water fountain ideas

Before choosing the right water fountain, consider the size of your property and what your end goal is in terms of visual impact. Generally speaking, homeowners should factor in three things when choosing a feature for the garden; style, function, and size. These qualities are important to consider to ensure you’re getting a feature that will stand the test of time and also add the right visual impact you’re hoping for. If your heart is set on a water fountain but you still aren’t sure what type of style, function, or size you’re after here are some unique ideas to help:

1. A pond or water hole

A natural built-in pond or water hole full of aquatic plants and flowers make a statement water feature in any garden. This particularly works well in larger properties or as a way of creating a sanctuary oasis to retreat to during the day. Ponds inspire calmness and peace and are an asset to your home. Combine with a fountain or waterfall feature for added impact. Think about installing a light feature around the pond to enhance its night time impact or keep it simple by surrounding your pond with decorative garden pebbles.

2. A tiered cement fountain

A timeless cement garden water fountain never goes out of style. These fountains look magnificent in cottage gardens or as an elegant feature in a minimalist backyard. To make the feature stand out, even more, think about surrounding it with brightly coloured flowers and natural stones.

3. Water vases

For something unique try a vase water feature. These ornate fountains come in a variety of shapes, colours, and finishes and make a creative addition to your outdoor living space. Instead of just one, think about lining your garden pathway with a row of ornately decorated vases.

4. Garden water wall

Bring paradise into your yard with a water wall. Install it onto your garden retaining wall or add to a green wall as a vertical garden feature in a courtyard or as a focal point in the backyard. Waterwalls are suitable for any wall or substrate and bring subtle, soothing noise and movement to the garden.

5. Water accents

The use of subtle water fountains and features can be used to create an oasis no matter where in the garden you find yourself in. The use of water accents was one of the biggest garden trends this past year and will continue to be. The use of water accents in the form of small vessels or as a tabletop feature on an outdoor setting can be just the impact you need to add some Zen into your garden.

Benefits of an outdoor water fountain

Water fountains bring both aesthetic and harmony to your garden or outdoor living space. Many homeowners love them for the therapeutic benefits they bring, and in today’s high-density society bringing a piece of paradise to your home is a way to escape it all. Aside from being nice to look at, the benefits of an outdoor water fountain are plentiful, including:

1. Stress relief & relaxation

There’s something about the sound of flowing water that instantly calms the mind. Your garden space should be a place of recreation & relaxation, so make the most of it by adding a garden fountain to further enhance the therapeutic benefits on your mind. Water is a natural relaxant and a perfect way to enhance your mindfulness and meditation. For those in busy or built-up areas, water features also play a helpful role in reducing noise pollution.

2. Attract natural wildlife

Native animals such as birds are attracted to water fountains to be able to drink and bathe in them. This can be a source of entertainment for those who like to birdwatch and is in itself satisfying to see nature enjoying something you created! Other important insects and bugs such as bees, dragonflies, and worms are attracted to water, especially if the source is a natural pond or creek.

3. Enhances the value of your property

A property with a water feature can raise its resale value especially if accompanied by a landscaped garden. A well-maintained property is visually pleasing, enhancing the overall look of your home. Water features can make a home appear more elegant and of higher value.

Create a water feature in your backyard

A backyard water fountain is a simple yet effective addition to any garden. Dress up your water feature or fountain with tiling, natural stones, or pavers to further enhance the look of your feature and outdoor living space. Get in touch with Armstone today to discover how our products can enhance your home.

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