Give an Old English Touch to Your Home with Cobblestones

Published by Armstone

Cobblestones have been a key material of choice for builders searching for a durable surface lasting not just decades or centuries, but millennia. A brief history on cobblestones can be seen by pay closing attention to cities such as Pompey or Rome, were you can still walk on streets carefully laid with granite cobblestones to this very day. This proves the enduring nature of this versatile material. A building technique appropriate for all climates and the span of centuries, cobblestones beautify any given space, from the driveway to footpaths they provide a quality and timeless effect.

The word “cobblestone” comes from an old English word for pebbles in a riverbed. These rounded stones, worn smooth by the action of the river’s current, made an ideal material for surfacing roads thousands of years ago. The stones kept dirt roads from washing away in heavy rain, provided traction in deep snow and kept horses’ hooves from sinking into the mud during a spring thaw.

The brilliance of this material still holds true today; the modern day cobblestone walkways and driveways that are crafted using A grade materials and an expert installer- allow for full, multi-season use of a product that not only beautifies but is fully equipped to take most imaginable weight-loads.

Raven Granite Cobblestone Driveway

Raven Granite Cobblestone Driveway

A solid and dense stone such as Raven Granite Cobblestones bring a lasting and timeless flooring material to your front door, the rest is up to your creativity and imagination.

With the modern variations of the Traditional Cobblestone available in a range of shapes, sizes, thicknesses and patterns – it’s never been a better time to get creative with our materials.

Armstone believes in sourcing only the finest grade materials, from around the globe – our passion is helping you create a timeless outdoors to enjoy with your loved ones! If you’d like to explore some ideas and would like to mind-map things out with one of our experts feel free to contact us to have a chat!

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