Give an Old English Touch to Your Home with Cobblestones

There is something quite romantic about walking through a laneway or street that has been lined with cobblestones, wouldn’t you agree? Maybe you remember your last trip to Europe where you tried to navigate the cobbled paths, oozing with history and antiquity and stories untold? Or maybe you’ve only seen cobbled courtyards in movies – regardless, it’s safe to say that cobblestone pavers add an old English and European touch to your home.

Why English?

Well,  the word “cobblestone” comes from an old English word for “pebbles in a riverbed”.

So, these rounded stones, worn smooth by the river’s current, became a popular material for surfacing roads thousands of years ago. They gained popularity for a few reasons. Firstly, they were easy to find and source and were pretty much ready for installation. Secondly, the cobble stones kept dirt roads from washing away in heavy rain and provided traction in deep snow. Thirdly, since they were used before the invention of cars, they kept horses’ hooves from sinking into the mud during a spring thaw.

As well as their practical nature, cobbles proved highly durable, lasting not just decades or centuries, but millennia – at a time. If we take a quick walk down some historical cities like Pompey or Rome – or anywhere in Europe, really – we will see evidence of cobblestone pavers enduring a variety of environmental conditions and extreme climates, with plenty of streets still carefully laid with these pebbles to this very day.

Since cobblestone pavers are durable, quaint and stylish, as well as appropriate for a variety of climates, they are a very popular natural stone paver amongst builders, landscapers and homeowners alike.

So if you’re looking to give your home an ‘old-English’ or European touch, we highly recommend installing cobblestones. Their tough nature makes them ideal for high traffic areas like pathways, entrances and driveways, where many other stones may experience severe wear and tear. In contrast, cobblestones will add a cosy vibe and stand the test of time.

Bonza Quartzite CobblestonesThese Bonza Quartzite Cobblestones add a mysterious cool touch to this entrance.

Now, you might be thinking that cobblestones are only for homes that want to achieve an ‘old-English’ look.

While this may be the case, cobblestone pavers can also be installed in modern homes and add a unique touch to the area. At Armstone we stock a variety of cobblestones in different stone types and patterns that will suit your home aesthetic. For example, a solid and dense stone paver such as the Raven Granite Cobblestone (pictured below) is the perfect choice if you wish to add a timelessness to your floors, especially as an entrance to your front door through your driveway. Granite cobblestones are as beautiful as they are practical and can bear incredible weight-loads. So you can rest assured that your car (or cars) will not ruin the stones over time. Their dark colour and textured finish also helps mask stains, tyre marks and oil leaks and blends beautifully with a modern design. Their size and slip-resistant surface also makes them ideal for curved designs and steep or sloped areas.

Raven Granite Cobblestone DrivewayThese Raven Granite Cobblestones add a beautiful blue/grey touch to the driveway and entrance.

If you have a lot of people coming and going, in and out of your house, your pathways will endure a lot of foot traffic. In such areas, you might want to install cobblestones that resemble pavers and have a softer colouring – like Bonza Quartz Cobblestones or Brick Travertine Cobblestones – both of which will create a harmonious balance against your garden and lawn. You can choose to install these in a brick or herringbone layout that will resemble an old-English style street, cottage or pathway.

While historically, smooth cobbles were found by the riverbed, modern day cobblestones are manufactured from stones such as granite, porphyry, quartz, basalt and limestone. In saying this, they still achieve the same aesthetic as their original counterparts, while also being easier to install. Choosing the ideal installation method depends on surface and area where you will be applying the cobbles. As Armstone, you can choose from mesh cobblestones, invariable cobblestones or split-loose cobblestones, in a variety of finishes such as split-face, tumble/rumbled, and flamed/exfoliated. To learn more about finishes and installation methods, check out our guide here.

At Armstone we source only the highest quality materials and stock a selection of cobblestone pavers in granite, quartz, limestone and basalt. So if you’re looking for something different, that adds a quaint style to your home, check out our selection online or visit our Sydney showroom in Glebe.

If you have any questions, reach out to us online or call 1300 560 560 to chat to one of our natural stone experts.

We have helped thousands of homeowners use cobblestone pavers to create enchanting entrances to their home, durable driveways and beautiful paths, and would love to help you bring your project to life as well.

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