Add Texture to Your Home with Stacked Stones

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Stacked stone has been used in outdoor designs, such as landscaping, feature wall cladding, blade wall cladding, poolside retaining wall and building facades for quite a number of years, more and more people are choosing to install this versatile product inside their homes. It’s got all the qualities of traditional stone, but comes without the exorbitant cost. It’s much lighter and is available in a range of textures, colours and shapes, it may look like it’s a very intricate structure, in fact, it’s very easy to install.

When it comes to using stacked stone in your house, you’re really only limited by your imagination. It works well in both traditional and contemporary settings and can be used to transform flat walls by adding vibrancy to previously dull structures. Externally, it can be used to add texture and interest to basic block walls and retaining walls, as well as to create stunning water features that recreate the natural stone walls seen in waterfalls and cliffs. It’s the perfect way to cover any existing wall or add a feature wall to your home, and has proven to be an easy and cost effective way to add instant curb appeal to your property, particularly as a little can go a long way. There’s no need to cover entire walls in stacked stone; it can be incorporated with other materials to add a focal point, such as covering a chimney stack or framing your entrance doorway.

Internally, there are many ways to incorporate stacked stones in your home to add interest and texture. Many people like to use it to add a rustic feel to a fireplace, and indeed it lends itself very well to this feature. If you prefer not to have a fireplace, consider setting a contemporary wall mounted fireplace into a wall of stacked stone for a simple but stylish effect.

Rustico Stacked Stone

Stacked stone for living areas

Far from being consigned for merely building fireplaces, the attractive ruggedness of stacked stone can be used to great advantage in all rooms of your home. From the entrance hall to the bedroom, it will give a space the textural balance it needs to prevent it from appearing flat and one dimensional. Furthermore, as it’s available in a range of colours and tones, it can be used to bring lightness into a dark area or to add warmth and cosiness to large spaces. However, stacked stone should always be used in moderation, as too much can add heaviness and overwhelm a small space. Less is definitely more in this case, so try utilising stacked stone in small amounts, such as on a fireplace, a kitchen splashback or a feature wall.

Stacked stone in the bedroom

The focal point of the bedroom is the bed. Whether you choose to buy a simple frame and create interest with your choice of bed covers and pillows, or you prefer a more dramatic look with imposing headboards or a four poster effect, the bed is the one item that tends to dominate the room. To set the bed off to perfection, many people choose to add a feature wall to their bedroom, usually behind the bed. Stacked stones are the perfect option for creating feature walls that not only look stunning, but are simple and natural enough to still enable the bed to remain the focal point. If you feel that a full feature wall would be too much for your bedroom, a strip of stacked stone on either side of the bed will make a beautiful frame.

Stacked stone in the bathroom or en-suite

Stacked stone can be also used to create a contemporary but natural look in the bathroom. Use on the wall behind a freestanding tub, or to add a border to a shower cubicle. It’s the perfect foil for smooth tiles and gleaming mirrors, adding a feeling of richness and luxury, without being too ostentatious, and giving depth and character to the room.

As you can see, strategic use of stacked stone can give your home an added design dimension, whether you choose to use it indoors or outdoors. Used outdoors, it will give your home an appealing look that’s both natural and stylish. Used internally it will bring nature indoors and add a vibrancy and texture that can’t be achieved by any other material. Stacked stone gives you all the qualities of real stone, in terms of appearance and feel, without all the expenses.

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