Add an Elegance to Your Outdoors with Silver Travertine Pavers & Tiles

Published by Armstone

A favourite choice both inside and outside the home, travertine is a type of natural stone formed by nature over aeons. The spectacular formations found in caves, is composed of calcium carbonate – in stone form this gives travertine its ageless durability and appeal.

Travertine has remained a popular building material for thousands of years, used by engineers in ancient Rome to build anything from ornate temples to lavish palaces. Its strength makes it a good choice for outdoor projects while its unique simplicity and beauty complement a variety of decorating schemes.

This versatile material is known for its subtle hues ranging from warm, honey-coloured tones to the cool blues and greys of silver travertine. This range of colours works particularly well for patios, entertaining areas or pathways near ponds, where the inherent blues of the stone blend well with the colour of the water. The natural patterns of silver travertine recall the intricate motifs found in tree rings, with thin layers of minerals creating an ever-changing array of light and dark.

Silver travertine pavers, our range of which can be seen here, make an excellent choice for patios and walkways, where they provide the perfect first impression that welcomes visitors to a home.

The silver hues are a good choice for design schemes that feature a modern flair, where their cool simplicity works well with the clean lines and geometric angles favoured in modern design. Using travertine pavers in the construction of walkways, courtyard and patio spaces ensures an outdoor space that will maintain its visual appeal and integrity of design for many years to come.

Whether your looking at Silver travertine pavers to create and define a unique garden area or require other fine products crafted from this lovely material to beautify an outdoor space, Armstone is pleased to provide first grade quality products for your garden spaces.

Finely honed bullnosed coping and tumbled pavers provide exquisite detailing that set any garden space apart from the rest.

For a unique garden design that reflects both high quality and your own distinctive personality, trust Armstone to provide both the excellent materials and the professional expertise to make any imagined design a reality.

If you have any questions, feel free to call us – we love this stuff.

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