Add an Elegance to Your Outdoors with Silver Travertine Pavers & Tiles

If you are looking to add elegance to your outdoor area, look no further than silver travertine pavers and tiles.

For thousands of years travertine has been used by engineers and stonemasons to build anything from ornate temples to lavish palaces. Many structures in Ancient Rome that were built thousands of years ago, are still standing: a testament to travertine’s robust nature.

Made from calcium carbonate, this spectacular and elegant natural stone is formed from mineral springs over aeons of years, giving travertine its ageless durability and appeal. It’s typically found in limestone caves or at the mouth of hot springs.

Being a calcium-carbonate stone, formed under pressure, silver travertine natural pavers are strong and durable. They are also beautiful and unique, with elegant veining and textures ranging from warm, honey-coloured tones, to cool blues, silvers and greys, which means that no two stones are ever the same.

In today’s article we focus on how you can add elegance to your outdoor setting with silver travertine.

Let’s dive in!

Silver trav web5These silver travertine pavers add a majestic touch to this home’s entrance.

So, why would you want to consider silver travertine pavers for your outdoors?

First and foremost, silver travertine stones have a balanced combination of light and dark shades of silver flowing through each slab, along with tinges of warm beige undertones interspersed throughout. This striking and electrifying aesthetic provides an elegant touch to modern landscapes and works especially well for outdoor areas like patios, pathways near ponds or poolside surrounds, where the stone’s blue and silver tones blend well with the colour of the water. The warm beige and gold undertones reflect beautifully off the sun, adding a homely touch to the overall space.

Along with being an elegant choice, silver travertine natural stone pavers – like all other travertine pavers – are also practical for outdoor installation. With Australia’s hot summers reaching 40 degrees Celsius (and sometimes higher), you’d want to consider how much the stone pavers will heat up underfoot, especially in areas where your family and friends will be walking barefoot like pool surrounds, pathways, steps or the patio area. As such, silver travertine pavers are an excellent choice as they will remain cool to the touch even during extreme heatwaves and even in direct sunlight. As well as being safe and comfortable to walk on, the pavers will reflect heat, helping keep the rest of your home much cooler. On the flip-side, silver travertine pavers can also withstand freezing temperatures without cracking under the pressure of changing climates and seasons.

Cinnamon Travertine Pavers

When researching what natural stone pavers to install for your outdoor project, one of your considerations is if the stone will be able to withstand a variety of environmental conditions while keeping its structure integrity. This is exactly one of the benefits of silver travertine: it doesn’t fade and given durability, will also stand the test of time.

Choosing a natural stone paver for outdoor locations means finding one that can also withstand high foot traffic. Some flooring choices like concrete and asphalt are obvious choices, however they aren’t elegant and can detract for the contemporary or modern aesthetic of the rest of your home’s exterior. Silver travertine pavers, on the other hand, can make a dull design look instantly elegant, and blend beautifully with a modern look, while simultaneously bearing the load of high foot traffic areas without wear and tear! As you can see in the photo below, silver travertine gives this staircase an instantly majestic and royal feel.

Silver trav web3Elegant, durable and versatile – silver travertine is an ideal paver for this spiralling staircase.

So whether you’re looking to add a WOW factor to your outdoor landscape, or you simply desire to invest in a natural stone paver that will meet a certain criteria for your building – or renovation – project, we definitely recommend considering silver travertine tiles and pavers as an option.

At Armstone, we stock the finest grade travertine products. Our range includes French pattern, pencil round, finely honed bull-nosed coping, and drop-edge coping as well as tumbled pavers, step treads, pavers, tiles and coping. If you have questions, reach out to us online or call 1300 560 560, and one of our natural stone experts will help you. Alternatively, you can find us in Glebe, where you can visit our showroom and see the silver travertine in person.

We look forward to helping you bring you project to life and add some elegance to your outdoors with silver travertine tiles and pavers.

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