9 Things to Consider When Choosing Pool Tiles

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Choosing Swimming Pool Tiles?

Choosing pool tiles can be one of the most aesthetically pleasing features in a home. With a little creative input, some research and expert advice you can truly create a marvellous environment to enjoy.

The first step is choosing the pool and deciding on its depth and shape, the next step is deciding which pool tile works best.

There are two ways to go:

  1. Tile the entire pool.
  2. Tile the waterline of the pool.

Both are options you can consider, a fully tiled pool is a somewhat larger investment than simply having a waterline tile. While pool tiles aren’t the only aspect of your area that demand attention, they are one that can really breathe life and character into your pool.

Below is a list of essential things to consider when choosing pool tiles:

Lagoon Pool Tiles

* Lagoon Pool Tiles

1. Quality

It’s all well and good to have pretty tiles – What are you going to do when they start popping out? This can be a costly lesson to learn the hard way. Not only with the replacement of a number of pool tiles that have fallen off but also a hefty water bill that comes along with emptying and re-filling the pool to fix the problem. This can be a cost between $4,000-$8,000.

We’ll help you avoid this.

Take it from us, we’ve seen a lot of pools in the past and can safely recommend you choose a pool tile which is not only beautiful but also crafted from quality. It’s critical to the longevity of the pool tile (and the visual appeal of your pool)

Read on to find out what makes quality, well. quality – In the world of pool tiles.

Nulla Bluestone Drop Edge

2. Cutting Edge Systems

Times have changed and technology has allowed process’ to evolve and improve almost to perfection. However, some pool tile manufacturers still use the older system of the tiles on a mesh. The problem with this is the banking system doesn’t have enough free space to adhere to the shell of your pool properly. This is not ideal and over time causes more issues and more work ($$).

It is crucial to achieving the most contact possible between the back of the tile and the glue. The exposed glue and mesh combined the free area of the back of an individual glass pool tile should be 100% but with Australian standards, they are at 90% (Shocking, we know!)Infographic pool tiles

3. Silicon, Polymer or Thermo Polymer?

Yes, you guessed it… It’s the cool-sounding third option, Thermo Polymer.

We’ll make this really short and sweet for you.

Silicon is outdated,

The polymer is okay,

Thermo Polymer Pool Tiles is the Creme-De-La-Crème of the pool tile world.

This gives a range of benefits. Such as easier installation and less sagging during the installation process.

If you want us to explain this a little further, contact us by email or phone and we’ll dive straight in with you.

Narooma Pool TilesNarooma Pool Tiles

4. Design

Aim to look at as many Pinterest photos, Instagram photos and blog photos as possible.

Also, consider what colour water you’d like to have and what your surrounding landscape is like, the colour of your coping and any feature walls you may have.

You want to make sure everything ties in together and creates the perfect blend of colour.

Make sure you take the necessary steps to ensure your pool tiles are slip-resistant, UV protected and long-lasting.

5. Tile Material

Swimming pool tiles are made of different materials, with ceramic and glass tiles being the most popular choice. Ceramic tiles come in varied colours, designs and are finished with a high gloss coating. Glass pool tiles can be clear or tinted. There are also more specific things to look for – like the size of each individual tile, sharpness, rumbled edges and gap space.

Hayman Pool Tiles

* Hayman Pool Tiles

6. Choosing Pool Tile Colour

The colour of your pool tile is a personal choice, and there are a few guidelines that can help you make the best choice for your pool and its surrounds. Choosing light coloured tiles gives the pool a light blue colour and because light blue reflects the sun, it can make your pool appear larger than actual size. Dark coloured tiles create a mirrored, moody effect and Dark green like Marmara tiles can be quite captivating and change the whole atmosphere of your outdoor area.

Hayman Pool Tiles 3* Hayman Pool Tiles

Staff Tip:

As a general guide, think back to when you were in school and had to take a mandatory art class. Do you remember playing with watercolours and seeing the effects?

Once you have your pool tiled and filled you will notice the pool tile colour and the watercolour (blue) will mix to a degree.

For instance, if you mix red and yellow – you get orange.

When purchasing your tiles, make sure you understand what is required in having them installed. You can then liaise with your tiler about what grout and adhesives are required, and ensure they are doing the job correctly.

Narooma Pool tiles

7. Choosing Pool Tile Grout

It is important to choose a recommended grout and recommended grout colour for your Glass Pool Tiles to get the maximum life for the grout and get the suited and practical colour for the pool tile

Epoxy Grouts are the best grouts to use for pool tiles but it is quite challenging to clean it off, therefore all the large pool companies recommend the best grout to use for pool tiles are Ultracolour plus by Mapei: Ultracolour plus is a Fast setting and drying, high performance, anti-efflorescence grout, polymer-modified, for joints from 2 to 20 mm. Water-repellent with DropEffect® and anti-mould with BioBlock® technology.

Choosing your Pool tile grout colour

Generally, Grey grout is best suited for grouting coloured pool tiles whilst on white or light-coloured glass pool tiles, the off-white colour will work the best. Pool tiles like our Whitehaven we recommend the colour Ultracolour: Plus Moon White.

Siri Marble Pavers Armstone

8. Cleaning your Pool Tiles?

Do your due diligence and find out which chemicals and cleaners are needed to keep your specific type of tiles clean, sparkling and attractive. You can find some instructions on how to clean pool tiles, here.

9. Environmentally Friendly

It’s important to make sure the company manufacturing your pool tiles is clean and environmentally friendly. Try to avoid any companies that purposely create waste whilst producing your product.

Reputable companies care enough to invest in systems and packaging that are considerate to the well being of our earth.

Guys, there are many companies out there that simply supply products – It really comes down to you determining if they are the best fit for you.

Try to use the information above as a blueprint to navigate to your successful solution.

If you don’t really feel like it and just want the best solution picked for you – give us a call.

We love this stuff.

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