26 Aussie Gardening and Landscaping Blogs to Inspire You

Who doesn’t love a good gardening blog? Actively working to educate, inspire and empower home gardeners, their frequent updates and high-quality information are something to look forward to. Here’s our round up of some of the best landscaping blogs about gardening.

1. Michael Cooke

Michael Cooke is a garden designer by trade, based in New South Wales. On this blog you’ll find some gorgeous macro photography of plants taken by his photographer Mark, as well as smatterings of Michael’s expert knowledge of plant life. It follows the seasonal tasks Michael undertakes in his own garden, as well as the species and gardens he encounters on his travels around Australia. Michael has a poetic turn in his phrases that really expresses how much he loves nature. You’ll find great ideas on how to use certain plants, as well as what to plant in certain climates and areas. Cook also has an appreciation of architecture, and incorporates structures in his designs in an interesting way.

2. Phillip Johnson Landscapes

The Victoria-based landscaping team at Phillip Johnson create amazingly lush little grottos in their garden designs. These gardens are self-described as “sustainable habitats that help to heal the Earth” and “feel magical to live amongst”. They’re the kind of places that fairies might live, with lots of ferns, pools, and flowers. These garden designs seem suitable for small homes as well as large, and often make beautiful use of water features. Impressively, they’re designed to be low maintenance and self-sustaining. This blog is especially inspirational when it comes to outdoor dining areas and ponds.

3. Slow Gardener

This blog follows the garden progress of an anonymous blogger in Southeast Melbourne who goes by the name Sue Catmint. It’s a great example of how you can make a drought resistant and sustainable garden in suburban Victoria. Catmint has been working on her garden since 1979, so it’s interesting to see the progress and evolution of her little backyard Eden. She also has an avid community of commenters who also offer their insights.

4. Our Australian Gardens

This blog brings together the best of garden-spotting around the country. Three avid gardeners (Mary Jo Katter, Eamonn Katter, and Kim Woods Rabbidge) share their discoveries in various forms on this blog. There are little stories, how-to guides, and amazing photos to give you inspiration. You can browse the garden type by category as well – get ready to ooh and aah! There’s lots to look at, including Artists’ Gardens, Historic Gardens, Designed Gardens, as well as garden ideas for all manner of climates and temperatures in Australia.

5. Organic Gardener

With how-to posts, tips on growing, eco-living ideas, pest and disease advice, community events, recipes, plant guides and more, ABC’s Organic Gardener is a favourite of Australian gardeners. Learn what to plant and when to sow, try your hand at some DIY and view the wide selection of videos detailing everything from raising chickens to learning about different garlic varieties.

Avatar bluestone stepping stones

** Avatar Bluestone Stepping Stones

6. Earthwise Gardening

This blog is made by the team from Queensland organic gardening supply company Green Harvest, who are located on the Sunshine Coast hinterland. As you’d expect from the name, there’s a dominant focus on sustainable living and organic gardening on this blog. You’ll find advice on how to grow organic plants, recipes for your fruits and veggies, and sustainability articles that discuss the wider environmental picture as well. There’s a real focus on creating an online community here too, so you can find lots of stories from subscribers that may help you out on your path to organic gardening.

7. Aussie Organic Gardening

Another one for those who want to go organic, this blog is run by Lyn Bagnall, author of the book Easy Organic Gardening. Bagnell talks about how Australian gardeners can address the challenges of climate change and improve the overall health of their garden with organic practices. Bagnell has been doing this for some 40 years, so she really knows her stuff! While she’s based on the mid-North coast of NSW, she has advice for what to plant in gardens across all climates in Australia. In addition, it offers advice on natural pest and disease control, ways to adapt to our changing climate, moon phase planting, what to grow and when to grow.

8. Garden Amateur

Written by Jamie from Sydney’s Inner West, this blog serves as inspiration for creating a flourishing oasis amongst the pollution and cement of the city. Posts are detailed and well-written, plus you’ll probably read them in an adorable Dad-like voice. Jamie grows vegetables that look delicious, as well as a beautiful array of flowers, and there are lots of posts to read and search through to your heart’s content. While the frequency of posts is not as high as some other blogs, they’re all about what’s happening in Jamie and Pam’s small Sydney garden and kitchen.

9. Petit Paradis

While the posts on this gardening blog have been a little sparse of late, this blog is still an awesome source of information on permaculture. Based in WA, this anonymous blogger provides informative posts about how to set up a permaculture garden in suburbia. Petit Paradis has information on growing permaculture produce as well as gorgeous Western Australian blooms.

10. Gardening 4 Kids

Gardening 4 Kids was launched in 2010 and is operated by Erica Lovel, a mother of four and keen gardener. Passionate about gardening, the environment and sustainability, she shares her passions in a fun way to gets kids excited too.

Frostine Marble Pavers

** Frostine Marble Pavers

11. Glenmore House

Mickey Robinson’s country garden near Camden west of Sydney is lovely. Think pretty roses, perennial borders, a productive orchard, beautiful kitchen garden, citrus trees and a chook yard. Fun, insightful and great for getting answers to your tricky gardening questions.

12. Urban Green Farms

Urban Green Farms is home to a dedicated team of experts in hydroponics, aquaponics and permaculture. Their blog features about four posts a month and range from fish and plant advice to celebrity green thumbs and vertical farming.

13. Garden Tower Project

The Garden Tower Project is a small team of garden enthusiasts trying to make gardening life accessible to all, no matter your skill set or the size of your garden. Check out their guide to keeping a garden journal.

14. Garden Larder

Garden Larder grows and sells rare, unusual and heritage vegetable seed for Victorian seed companies. With nearly ten acres of urban farm, there’s plenty you can learn from Rowan, especially if you are into growing unusual fruits and vegetables.

15. Lambley Nursery Garden Notes

If you live in a dry and often hot area, David Glenn’s garden, Burnside, near Ballarat in Victoria will make you believe that anything is possible. Living with 15 years of drought, David specialises in hardy perennials, which he writes about in Lambley Nursery Garden Notes.

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** Ivory Travertine porcelain pavers

16. Gardening Australia

Technically, Gardening Australia isn’t a blog – it’s a beautifully polished, highly-informative glossy magazine. Its extremely popular newsletter delivers great advice and tips straight to your inbox. Full of gardening advice, inspiring articles, great images and lots of competitions, there’s something for everyone.

17. Green Harvest

Green Harvest is a fantastic source of information, especially if your goal is to grow fruits and vegetables. Offering a seasonal newsletter complete with planting guide, you’ll also find permaculture notes and a monthly garden calendar.

18. Fantastic Gardeners

Explore Fantastic Gardeners’ Blog by category and find greenthumb guides, permaculture power, giggles in the garden, trips to tranquility, landscaping lore and neat news. Discover how to choose the right lawn, the strangest flowers on Earth, what plants to include in your office and more.

19. The Balcony Garden

Not every green thumb has the luxury of a big backyard. So a good balcony blog is an excellent find. The Balcony Garden offers inspiring design tips for small-space living, from herb gardens and hanging pots to succulents, cacti and indoor shrubs.

gardening podcast

20. 1 Million Women

With so many people finding common ground and connecting through gardening, it only makes sense that there’s a great range of gardening posts to be found on 1 Million Women. From permaculture principles and raised veggie beds, to native Australian plants, there’s something for everyone.

21. The Gardenist

Michael McCoy is a garden designer, writer and occasional garden tour leader. Starting life as a botanist, he is fantastic at wrestling your toughest questions. As well as garden design coaching and gardening masterclasses, Michael gives great insight into some of the world’s most exquisite gardens.

22. Slow Gardener

Slow Gardener is a diary of a suburban gardener and tracks the evolution of a Melbournian’s dry garden. With a passion for photography and learning how humans can coexist with wild animals and plants, expect some great images and thought-provoking ideas.

23. Gro Networking

Hilton and Tracy Blake both have a wealth of experience in business. Their journey started with a small garden centre in Smithton on the north-west coast of Tasmania, and 32 years later they are using their knowledge and love of gardening to create Gro Networking. A great blog for anyone in the garden centre business.

24. Garden of Eden Nursery

From landscaping, plants, homewares and styling advice, the Garden of Eden Nursery has lots to offer a passionate green thumb. Promoting sustainable and environmental gardening practices, it taps into the power of green living.

25. My Productive Garden

My Productive Garden aims to inspire people to create healthy, nutritious food straight from the garden. Under Kathy’s guidance, you can produce your own mesclun mix all year round, keep rats and mice out of your chook house, find the easiest-to-grow vegetables and more.

26. Ian Barker Gardens

The Ian Barker Gardens team is passionate about all things landscaping and construction design. The blog features everything from plant guides and garden furniture tips, to overviews of Australia’s best gardens.

Want more than just gardening advice? Check out more from our blog and see why so many Australians love Armstone. Not only do we create timeless outdoor spaces, but we also provide advice and inspiration for every aspect of your home.

Stay tuned for more blogs on gardening.

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