Top 6 Reasons to Choose Marble Tiles for Your Living Room

Like all renovations, retiling your living room floor is a big undertaking, both financially and in terms of the disruption, albeit temporary, that it will cause for your lifestyle. As such, to avoid doing the job twice, we recommend taking the time to research and review the type of tiles on the market.

Why choose marble tiles for your living room?

From our experience working with builders and home renovators like yourself for over 10 years, marble tiles have proven time and again to be a fantastic option for living room flooring. In this article we’re going to share 6 reasons why we feel they are the best choice for most residential properties in Australia.

If you like the idea of installing marble flooring but you’re not completely sure it’s the right choice for your living room, consider the following advantages:

  1. BeautyThere is no denying that marble is one of the most beautiful natural stone pavers used for flooring in residential properties across Australia. It has also been used in many grand building projects over the centuries – like look at all the buildings in Rome that have stood the test of time. If you are looking for a type of flooring that will transform your living room into an elegant space, and be appreciated by your friends, marble tiles are definitely the right choice for you.
  2. Environmentally friendlyIf you are conscientious of the environment, you can rest assured knowing that choosing marble tiles for your living room is an eco-friendly option because when marble tiling is manufactured no chemical processes are involved. On the other hand, when synthetic floors are manufactured, harmful gasses and toxic waste is emitted in the process. Timber flooring, unless it comes from renewable sources or reclaimed wood, is also potentially harmful to the environment.
  3. Wonderfully easy to shine – Marble tiles can be polished like no other natural stone paver and positively sparkle when polished to a high gloss finish. While this finish is not advisable for households with young children because it makes the floor very slippery, it’s very appealing for adult-only living areas.
  4. Relatively Easy MaintenanceMarble tiles are relatively easy to clean and can be mopped the same way you clean any other type of hard flooring. Just be careful not to leave standing water on marble. Because it’s a porous stone, extended exposure to water can lead to discolouration and damage to the stone. On this subject, some people insist that marble tiling should be sealed. On the other hand, others say it’s not necessary. In our experience, a highly polished marble floor is quite stain resistant so sealing is not essential. However, if you are worried about spilled drinks staining your new tiles, we recommend sealing them once a year.
  5. DurableAs a dense natural stone, marble is suitable for high traffic areas such as busy family living rooms. It has been used in many ancient buildings and stood the test of time so you can rest assured that with some attention and care will outlast  your property.
  6. High Thermal MassMarble has a high thermal mass, which means it can absorb a lot of heat before its internal temperature is raised by a significant degree. For this reason, marble tiles for living room floors are a popular choice in parts of Australia where summer temperatures can be brutal. A cool floor underfoot is a much appreciated luxury when outside temperatures are soaring.

We hope this article was helpful to you.

At Armstone we stock a selection of beautiful marble tiles, including Carrara, Pietra Grey and Tundra Grey marble, all of which are ideal for use in living rooms. For more information, or a free quote, reach us online or at 1300 560 560 during business hours. We have helped thousands of customers bring their dream project to life and would love to help you too.

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