5 Ways to Instantly Spruce Up Your Pool Area Ahead of Summer

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Summer is fast approaching and that means it’s pool time!

Having a pool in your backyard changes your home, health and happiness. It creates a ‘staycation’ where you can relax and unwind. It promotes family time where there’s only smiles, splashing, and laughter. It encourages fitness and outdoor activity and the inviting of friends for a barbeque. A pool provides stress relief, a way to entertain family and friends, and it adds value to your property.

But…this is only true if you maintain your pool and take pride in the surrounding pool area.

How to enhance your pool area ahead of summer

Take a look at your pool area and you’ll be surprised by what you see. Shoe traffic, weight stress, dirt, debris and exposure to the elements can make your pool area look embarrassingly unattractive and aged.

1. Clean your stone pavers

To get your pool area instantly looking better, give your stone pavers a good clean. If you’re not sure which cleaning products you should be using on your stone give us a call on 1300 560 560 and talk to the Armstone team. With the right products we can ensure your pavers come up almost as good as new, retaining aesthetic appeal and longevity.

Products you can use on stone pavers vary from stain-removal, polishing creams, pre-sealers, deep sealers, concentrated cleaners and more. This can be confusing and the last thing you want to do is damage your pavers because you didn’t do your research.

Avoid harsh cleaners like acid-based or vinegar-based products and never use a cleaner that’s not designed specifically for stone. You should also pay attention to water ratio when mixing your product, aligning it to soil buildup.

Once you’ve given your pavers and the grout a good clean you will want to apply a sealant. A good sealant that’s compatible with your specific pavers will help the stone with a layer of protection to allow you time to attend to the maintenance of the stone. Once this process is done it will make it difficult for stains to seep in. A sealant will also stop water from getting into the tiny fissures of the stone, which can cause damage over time.

Now you’ve sealed your pavers, step back for 24 hours, keeping the pool area clear and dry. You can use this rest time to start planning how else you can spruce up the pool area ahead of summer.

2. Give your pool tiles a facelift

Spruce Up Your Pool Area (2)

Have you noticed that some of your pool tiles are a little loose? Are your pool tiles looking a little rough around the edges or outdated? Replacing loose, worn, broken tiles or stripping tiles out for new ones might not be the big project you think it’s going to be. Why not introduce some new tiles to your steps to welcome you into the water?

3. Bring a little light into your pool

Low voltage lights are ideal for use in pool areas. Low voltage lights mean you can use your pool and outdoor living space at night without the cost mounting up.

A pool with lighting is not just about safety and use. Done well, lighting can be a way to highlight the true beauty of a pool and can be used to create all kinds of effects.

4. Give your outdoor furniture some love

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Outdoor furniture can be badly affected by weather but luckily, most materials can be freshened up with a good clean. Timber can be scrubbed with a stiff brush and washed with a combination of dishwashing liquid and bleach. You can also apply a sealer, stain or finish to protect it for the rest of the season.

For wicker furniture, spray with a garden hose and then wipe it down with soap or detergent. Rinse and then let it dry in a light, sunny area.

If you have a patio umbrella offering you shade by the pool check it for mould and mildew. For a quick clean, open your umbrella and wash it down with a mix of warm water and white vinegar. Give the umbrella a scrub, hose it down and then leave it open to dry.

5. Replant and rejuvenate your greenery

Reviving potted plants is a fairly simple process that starts with weeding. Tip the plant out of the pot and remove any weedy material. Lay some new compost in the bottom of the pot, replace the plant and then add more new compost to bed the plant in. Brew some compost tea, pour it over top and then lightly mulch the top of the pot to prevent moisture loss and future weeds from growing.

If your pool area is in need up of some updated plants then try planting some striking agapanthus or no-fuss evergreen camellias. If planting in tubs, consider ornamental tubs of cumquats or dwarf lemon trees for an eye-catching feature in a hot and sunny pool enclosure.

More practical tips for outdoor living

The beauty of a pool is that it sets the stage for what can be a beautiful backyard and outdoor living space. Make the most of it by enhancing the details around it and you’ve got a space you’ll never want to leave. Set a budget for sprucing up your pool area and if it’s small then start with the cleaning tips above. You’ll be amazed by the transformation a day of cleaning can do.

Want more practical tips such as the above? Check out the Armstone Blog for everything stone, styling and more.

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