5 Types of Outdoor Tables Perfect for Your Stone Patio

Historically, people gathered around a fire to eat.

As society developed with agriculture and outdoor fire pits became ovens in kitchens, families and friends would gather to eat around the kitchen table.

As such, tables became the centre of attention in any gathering and space, with the stone patio being no exception. So if you have a stone patio in your backyard, hands down your outdoor table will get most of the attention. Consequently, it’ll be the one piece of furniture that’ll set the style for the rest of your terrace.

In saying that, there is an infinite number of options and styles of tables to choose from and we can understand how overwhelming it can be to narrow down your options.

So, how do you choose the best table for your stone patio?

We’re glad you asked! This article outlines the five table options that will be ideal for different stone patios.

Tips for buying an outdoor table

First things first, before investing in an outdoor table, we suggest you consider:

  • Your needs – How often will the table be used? How many people do you want to be seated around it? Will you clean it regularly or do you have a busy lifestyle and prefer a table that requires less maintenance?
  • The location – Does your patio have a section that is covered or will it be exposed to the elements like the sun and rain and thus need to be sturdy enough to sustain any wear and tear from the environment? It’s also important to consider the weather in your area, for example, is it particularly wet, humid or extremely hot? All these factors will determine whether it’s better to invest in a table with timber, glass or metal finishings.
  • Your indoor design style – If you are looking to create a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor aesthetics, we recommend considering the style of your interior living room and replicating it in your patio. Of course, if you prefer to keep the areas different, then you would opt to do design them with contrasting aesthetics.

Types of tables for your stone patio

Once you have some clarification to the above questions, it will much easier to determine which table will best suit your stone patio. There are five main styles, each with its distinctive features and advantages reviewed below.


1. Glass

Glass tables are timeless, classic and minimalistic and make for an ideal choice for your outdoor patio. As well as being stylish and iconic, their main benefit is their sturdiness. Due to the thickness of the glass, you can safely place hot objects on the tabletop without fear of scorch marks being left on the surface. As well as this, the glass can withstand the hot and cold and other environmental factors like heavy rain. Another advantage of investing in a glass table for your stone patio is that glass is transparent and as a result, can create the illusion of extra space: a perfect solution for smaller courtyards.

Nulla Bluestone Pavers

** Nulla Bluestone Pavers

2. Wood

Wooden tables are classic and versatile, so whether you are looking for a minimalistic or a rustic layout, you can only go right when choosing one for your stone patio. While they are extremely sturdy and can stand the test of time, they do require more TLC (tender love and care) than other materials. For instance, over time, constant exposure to the elements like water and humidity will erode timber’s shine and overall tone. As such, it’s recommended to regularly re-polish your wooden table to keep its original essence. Additionally, since timber is a fairly porous material, it is more prone to scratches and absorbing any spills or liquids. As such, be extra careful with acidic drinks like wine spills and clean them as soon as they happen. To avoid hot items causing scorch marks, use a coaster or wooden board to protect the table’s timber surface.

Sebian LimeStone Wall Cladding

3. Stone

Stone tables are elegant, sleek and timeless. If you want a table for your patio that can withstand environmental changes including direct sunlight, exposure to water or humidity and extreme weather conditions, natural stone tables are your best bet because they are the most resistant to these factors. Due to their grandiose appearance, they also tend to look better in larger spaces. However, stone is an extremely heavy material and as such, needs extreme care when transporting it or even moving it from one location to another. We recommend hiring professional removalists who have expertise with moving stone tables and if you intend to regularly change your patio setting, maybe reconsider investing in stone because it will become an inconvenience to move.

Jura Grey porcelain Pavers

4. Metal

If you’re looking for an outdoor table to have versatility, metal is the winning choice! As a material, metal is sturdy and resistant to most weather conditions. In saying that, be careful with extreme humidity or placing a metal table on a terrace without a covering because if exposed to constant rain and moisture, metal can rust and look unbecoming over time. To avoid rust, opt for a table made of aluminium.

Silver Travertine Pavers

5. Plastic

With modern life adding more stress, pressure and demands on many families, people have less time to upkeep their homes and gardens. As such, more and more people are choosing to invest in plastic outdoor furniture because it requires so little maintenance. Plastic outdoor tables are the perfect example: they are available in a range of beautiful and modern designs and colour, can be easily cleaned with a cloth, are easy to move should you choose to redecorate and can also withstand most weather conditions.

Armstone - Outdoor Tables (2)

So there you have it: five different materials for outdoor tables for your choosing to enjoy the beautiful Australian weather with family and friends.

If you have any questions about the best material for your outdoor table, reach out to our experts at Armstone online or at 1300 560 560. We have over a decade of experience with helping people bring their patios to life and would love to help answer any questions you have.

Alternatively, check out our natural stone pavers and products here or visit our showroom in Glebe, Sydney for more inspiration for your outdoor patio.

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