5 Types of Outdoor Tables Perfect for Your Stone Patio

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Tables are the centre of attention in any space — with no exception for your stone patio. Your outdoor table will get most of the attention in your stone patio and it’ll be the one piece of furniture that’ll set the style for the rest of the decorative aspects of your terrace.

With so many options and infinite styles of tables out there, it can be hard to know how to narrow down your options. So, how can you choose? Keep reading to find five tables perfect for your stone patio.

Tips for buying an outdoor table

First, here are some tips:

  • Think about your needs – How often will the table be used? How many people should it fit? Will you clean it regularly or do you prefer a table with little maintenance?
  • Think about the location – Do you have a covered area for the table or will it need to survive sun and rain? What is the weather like in your area? Is particularly wet, humid or extremely hot?
  • Think about your indoor design style – You wouldn’t want your outdoor area to be extremely different in style from the one you feature indoors — as you can usually see the patio through the living room or some part of the home.

Types of tables for your stone patio

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1. Glass

Glass tables are timeless, classic and minimalistic — a great choice for your outdoor patio. They are also pretty sturdy given that the glass is thick which means you can place hot objects without fear of any scorch marks. Glass is transparent so they create the illusion of extra space.

2. Wood

Wood tables are classic and very versatile — they can look incredible in both a minimalistic layout or a more rustic one. They are quite sturdy and can last a long time but they need more looking after than tables from other materials.

Wood can lose its shine and tone after a few years as they’re sensitive to water and humidity — so you may need to get it re-polished. They scratch and absorb liquids easily (be extra careful with acidic drinks like wine spilling on it), and you need to be really careful not to place extremely hot items on its surface as scorch marks can appear.

3. Stone

Stone tables are elegant and sleek. They are resistant to most types of weather conditions, such as direct sunlight, water or humidity. They tend to look better in larger spaces — just because they can be imposing.

Bear in mind that stone tables may be heavier than any other type of table — so be careful when transporting it.

4. Metal

Metal tables are a very popular choice when it comes to outdoor tables — they are versatile, sturdy, and resistant to most weather conditions. However, be careful with extreme humidity or placing it on a terrace without covering — if they are exposed to constant rain, they can become rusty. To avoid rust, opt for aluminium.

5. Plastic

More and more people are preferring plastic outdoor furniture as of late — probably because they require little maintenance. This is also true for plastic outdoor tables — they are easily cleanable with a cloth. They can come in a range of beautiful and modern designs and colours as well.

There’s nothing better than a beautifully appointed outdoor area. Thanks to the nice Australian weather, we can spend a lots of time outside — whether it’s for barbecues, relaxed Sunday lunches, or summer gatherings. Contact Armstone today. We’ll guide on making the best natural stone patio for your home. Take a look at our products offered here.

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