5 tips to select the perfect tile

When it comes to choosing the perfect tile for your home, whether it be indoor or outdoor, it may be worth having a quick read of our top 5, top tips, for choosing the perfect tile. Starting with your own home styling and ending in the sizing specifics of tile installation!

The Style of Your Home: While it may sometimes be overlooked when viewing a beautiful home, the floor is a huge statement and contributor to emphasising that true theme. Whether your building and designing your own home, or just renovating, you need to consider the stylings in your house and the feeling that it gives to people. Once you have arrived at a style, it may be Moroccan or Hamptons, you can work from the ground up! So before you start looking for new tiles, look at your home – and decide on it’s theme or style, make sure you go for something that matches or amplifies this.

Texture & Pattern: One of the things that is most instantaneously recognisable in a Moroccan style home is the smooth, glistening blue and white tiles in the bathroom. With luxurious and effortless style, often paired with beautiful patterns and symmetry, it truly is a sight to behold. When you’re choosing tiles for your home, no matter the complexity of the project, texture and pattern are the two things you need to consider. Look at the room you’re adding the tiles to, the furniture, the decor and come to a conclusion on what the feel of the tile should be and what (if any) should the patterning look like. Deciding this will allow you to narrow down your tile search!

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Natural Light: If you’re redoing the tiles on the floor you might be spending a lot of time looking down so now it’s time to look up! If you’re going to be adding tiles to your home, or even a small portion of your home, have a look at the sunlight beaming through. Is it significant? Is it only in one half of the room? Is a light coloured tile going to be too bright? These are all questions you need to consider before putting your first tile down!

Tile Colour: Similar to our last point, tile colour is one of the final steps. You know your style, you’ve decided on a texture and pattern and you know how much natural light is coming through. So this should be the easy bit… Right? Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. But this step can be simplified! If you’ve done all of your prep work and you know what you’re after, just trust your gut, get only a few samples and see what looks best. Keep it simple, and remember, sometimes less is more!

Room and Tile Size: At this stage, you should be absolutely finished! Everything from colour to home style to texture is done and dusted. The last part of the puzzle (quite literally) is ensuring you know how many tiles you need to fill your space. This is going to vary wildly for you depending on the size of the space you’re tiling and the general size of your tile. For example, older bathrooms typically had smaller white tiles, so you needed a lot more! Where now it can be a little more luxurious to have larger, more slab-like pavers in your bathroom or shower. To tick this box, decide on which tile size best suits the theme or mood of the room, and then look at the most efficient way to make them fit!

By doing the few simple items on this list, you should be all squared away to have that new project of yours nicely tiled. For any questions or further information on Armstone’s range of indoor and outdoor tiles, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

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