25 Creative Ways to Use Stones in the Garden

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Looking to renovate your garden without spending tonnes of money? All you need is some rocks! Stones are natural, require no maintenance, and you can find them everywhere. In fact, your garden is probably full of them already. You just have to pick them, get inspiration from some of the ideas below, and voila! Your garden will look elegant, brand new, and unique.

Painting stones

Why not unleash some creativity with some paint and add some colour and spark to your rocks, pebbles, or stones? Here are just some examples we’ve seen…

Bumblebees and ladybugs


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All you need is a few small pebbles, some paint, and a slice of a tree trunk for a quick garden game of naughts and crosses. Keep guests and children entertained while adding a fun feature to your garden.

Strawberry Stones


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Another cute decoration that will bring a summer feeling no matter what season of the year. Simply pick strawberry shaped stones or pebbles and paint away!

Herb markers


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Painting your favourite herb names onto stones looks cool, but is also functional and useful. While you are waiting for the herbs to grow, you will often use the label that comes with the pot – but these deteriorate quickly. Create something that will last longer, look better, and label your garden with style.

Striped Stones


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For minimalistic homes and stylish gardens, this addition can add a little flair to the favourite corner of your outdoor area. You can create a variety of patterns and colour combinations, but the truth is you can never go wrong with black and white.

Stone bugs


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Making these stones bugs can be a fun family activity, especially if you have little ones running around the house or if the grandchildren are staying over. Caterpillars, ladybugs, bees, butterflies, and any other garden insects are some ideas to get started with.

Cactus Stones


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If you’re the kind of person that can’t even keep a real cactus alive, then this is perfect for you. Because cactuses come in a variety of shapes, stones are a great way of replicating them. With the right stones, paint and pattern, you can easily create an appealing pot.

Name Stones


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Create a family tree and display it right there in the soil – where tree roots thrive – using stones and some paint. If you are feeling more adventurous you can first carve the name and then paint it, like the photo. Otherwise, you can always opt for the latter.



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Forget chalk on your concrete pavement for good: create a dedicated area for children to enjoy this popular game in. All you need is some flat stones (they don’t have to be perfectly square, just big enough for the kids to jump on), a little of bright paint, and voila!

Stone Mosaics

Mosaic stepping stones


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For those a little more artistically inclined, stepping stone mosaics will make your path a unique experience, while being an artwork in itself.

Flower patterns


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Easier than it looks, a flower pattern stepping stone is brought to life by using two different colours or textures of stone to create contrast within the flower. Perfect for the more romantic-styled garden design.

Mandala Inspired Design


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On trend at the moment, a mandala inspired mosaic stepping stone adds a mystic, relaxed, yet delicate element to your garden that can be created in a variety of palettes.

Building with Stones

Raising Stones


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To achieve this artwork, you will need to drill holes through each stone and support them with a metal bar running through each stone’s centre and into a concrete base. It’s important that the stones are drilled through the middle and with appropriate drill bits – else you may end up with something resembling the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Stone Waterfall


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Creating this sleek waterfall structure is actually surprisingly easy. You can also create a variety of shapes. However, you will also need to install a pump, which will need electricity, and a pond for the water to flow into. This will require a little more work, but a skilled handy man should be able to whip one together in no time.

Little House


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Build against the base of a large tree trunk, or as a standalone feature, a tiny rock house that will add a cute fantasy element to your garden.

Wind Charm


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A pretty wind charm can be created using an array of colourful stones and rocks connected using copper wire. It is super easy, and is a chic addition to your window or balcony view.

Artsy Stone Designs


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Find a few ideas for rock art inspiration in this photo. Use your imagination, and with a little bit of wire, you can create anything from a swan to caterpillar to frog.

Bird Houses


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Provide a welcoming environment and support your local bird species by making a beautiful stone birdhouse. You can even make a matching bird pond to go with it!

Giant flower baskets


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Create a signature flower bed – resembling giant baskets, using stones and concrete. Change the flowers with the season, and you will always have a basketful on hand.

Garden Mini-Fence


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Create a trendy mini retaining wall with using stones, wire, and blocks of treated pine. The different colours of the stones gives the wall an artsy feel. This retaining wall not only helps to maintain the different levels of the garden, but it also looks amazing.

Table Legs


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This might be one of the coolest outdoor tables ever. It has a unique rustic appeal, and can be topped of with the material of your choice. Definitely something you won’t be able to find in any furniture store.

Rock Outdoor Sofa


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An outdoor setting that really blends in with your garden, a rock sofa is long lasting and adds a natural element to your space. It doesn’t have to be uncomfortable either, as you can add any colour of outdoor cushions depending on your taste.

Stone Feet


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Probably one of the easiest arrangements that you can do with stones, all you need is a variety of sizes, colours and a base (wooden preferably) to sit them on.

Foot Wash


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A frame filled with stones will serve perfectly as a foot wash. You won’t clean off sand to end up with mud on your feet – rather it can prove to be a relaxing experience providing an easy and natural foot massage.

Rock Bucket


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Essentially tiling the outside of a bucket with pebbles, this rock bucket looks pristine, and is not actually that difficult to make – provided you pick up a few materials from your local stone or tiling store first.

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